7 Ways to Make Money with Pocket App by Piggyvest

Do you know you can start making money online in Nigeria with the Pocket App by Piggyvest? The Pocket App was launched in Nigeria less than a month now, with the aim to boost cashless payments via P2P and social eCommerce services. Trust Nigerians, on the PocketApp, you will find marketers, money makers, socialites, and … Read more

Piggyvest vs Branch: Which is the Best Money Maker?

I’ve used both the Piggyvest and Branch app for savings and investing, and they both served me well in different aspects. While one was my go-to for short-term passive income, the other was my go-to mobile money planner. In this article, I’ll compare Piggyvest versus Branch to know which app is best for making and … Read more

How to Make Money Investing with Credpal: 18% ROI

You’ve probably heard about Credpal and their slogan of “buy now, pay later”. But Credpal isn’t just for people looking to get loans and credit purchase. They help you invest too. The company is promising a whopping 18% ROI for investors willing to stick their cash to help Credpal run their business. In this article, … Read more