Racksterli Review: Can You Really Double Your Investment?

This is my honest review of Racksterli, an investment program in Nigeria that is currently trending. Racksterli is one of the most popular investment programs in Nigeria right now. I didn’t quite hear about them early enough. But these days, cyberspace has been filled with so much noise about Racksterli.  Go to Facebook groups, Facebook … Read more

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start With Zero Capital

For people who have little or no money to invest, there can be the temptation to think that the lack of capital could translate to lack of opportunities. However, there are many small scale businesses you can start with little or no money down. These types of businesses are numerous; from dropshipping and door-to-door sales, … Read more

How To Invest In Private Equity In Nigeria As a Beginner

Private Equity in Nigeria is an interesting space for any savvy investor to play in. Investors get to enjoy higher equity with less regulatory restrictions, even though the risk may be higher than buying public stocks. So, what is Private Equity? Private Equity is simply investing in a business that is not publicly traded on … Read more