10 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start With Zero Capital

For people who have little or no money to invest, there can be the temptation to think that the lack of capital could translate to lack of opportunities. However, there are many small scale businesses you can start with little or no money down. These types of businesses are numerous; from dropshipping and door-to-door sales, … Read more

How To Invest In Private Equity In Nigeria As a Beginner

Private Equity in Nigeria is an interesting space for any savvy investor to play in. Investors get to enjoy higher equity with less regulatory restrictions, even though the risk may be higher than buying public stocks. So, what is Private Equity? Private Equity is simply investing in a business that is not publicly traded on … Read more

6 Types Of Investments That Will Make You Lose Money

Investments that lose money

Investing in Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted. Anything could go wrong, and this is made even worse with the poorly structured corporate and legal systems.  If you want to invest your money in any business or investment scheme in Nigeria, then you should first invest in your financial education. This is not school talk. … Read more

How To Invest 200k In Nigeria For Higher Returns

How To Invest 200k in Nigeria For Higher Returns

There are many ways to invest money in Nigeria, and there are many ways not to invest money in Nigeria. If you have the sum of 200k Naira lying idle in your Nigerian bank account, and you want to invest it for reasonable returns, what comes to your mind? Majority of Nigerians would first think … Read more