It was December 2018.

I’ll never forget!

I woke up to see several emails of income I’ve earned.

In just 2 months, I’ve made over $3,200!

Doing almost nothing.

Amount invested = $0

I quickly made a withdrawal to confirm that this was actually real.

This was the first time I ever made money online trading digital services.

It was a very emotional moment for me, and I cried.

I kept asking myself, why didn’t I just follow this path in the first place?

I had exhausted time and resources, taken stupid risks, and made big mistakes in my search for a legitimate way to earn passive income online.

If only someone had taken me by the hand and just showed me the way.

But nobody ever did.

Nobody told me the truth about online business and making passive income online.

Nobody pointed out the right things to me.

And for months, I was confused, trying out different things, and failing.

I know there are many people out there in a similar situation right now.

People just like you.

You are Smart.

You are Creative.

You are Resourceful.

You are very organized. 

And you are not lazy.

But you just can’t seem to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making passive income.

You’ve invested money.

You’ve taken risks.

You’ve tried a lot of schemes and programs. 

But they just didn’t work out for you.

And now, you are exhausted.

You know that you are too smart to be having money problems.

And you are sure that there is a legitimate path to making passive income online.

How you wish someone could just show you what actually works.

How you wish someone could be honest enough to show you how to make real money online and withdraw it straight into your bank account.

That is why you are reading this right now. 

And that is why I am here.

To help you turn your creativity and hustle into consistent passive income.

To show you the straight-forward way I use in making money online on my own terms.

That is why I painstakingly put together the Money Roll package just for you: 

This is my cheat code for making at least $1,000 in passive income monthly with zero risk. 

On average, I make x3 of that amount using the Money Roll strategy.

The good thing about this is that, anyone who can implement this same strategy can make the same level of income.

And this is very easy to do.

Even if you are an idiot.

All you have to do is copy and paste the Money Roll strategy, in less than 2 hours per day, and the money will keep rolling in.

No special skills needed.

No gambling.

No speculating.

No Forex trading.

No buying online tools.

No spamming.

No registration fees.

No cash investments.

No cryptocurrency.

No single risk at all.

You won’t even need to put in a dime of your money.

All you have to do is follow my exact blueprint and start trading digital services just like I do.

If you put in the same amount of effort like I do, you will earn almost the same level of income like I do, if not more.

No gimmicks, no risks.

Here’s a little story:

I remember the story of a young Nigerian man who relocated from Nigeria to the Caribbean in search of greener pastures.

He sold everything he had in Nigeria and raised additional funds from friends and family just to be able to afford his travel ticket and a month’s worth of travel allowance.

I think his name was Bunmi.

When he got on ground in the particular country in the Caribbean, it wasn’t as rosy as he thought. There were literally no jobs.

Bunmi had to resort to working in a car wash and earning an equivalent of $10 per day. This was not the kind of life he envisioned to live in the “abroad.”

He was a smart guy, with a Bachelor’s degree in public administration. He was just 26 years old and believed that he had a great future in front of him.

But here he was just scratching the surface and barely surviving. For the first 14 months of him migrating to the Caribbean, everything stayed the same.

He had stopped communicating with his family and friends back in Nigeria due to the amount of pressure they were heaping on him. He even deleted his social media accounts due to shame.

Well, one fateful day, Bunmi met a friend who told him that working online was the only way to make good money and survive in the Caribbean as a foreigner.

The friend introduced him to a few digital arbitrage opportunities and that was the beginning of Bunmi’s change of fortune in the Caribbean.

Now, he runs his own private firm managing digital arbitrages and working with over 100 partners around the world. Even though he had no particular skill.

The system Bunmi implemented is a kind of Arbitrage contained in the Money Roll package.

Bunmi had no skill, he knew nothing about the opportunity, but by a stroke of
fate, he learned how to source, manage, buy and sell digital opportunities around the world.

There are many people just like Bunmi who are making good money online just by
leveraging digital arbitrage opportunities.

I can proudly say that I am one of them.

Since getting into this digital arbitrage business, I’ve made over $20,000 without lifting a finger.

Here are some proofs of my earnings:

(my username and that of my clients have been redacted for privacy reasons)

Right now, I work less and make more money than before.

I work less than 1 hour every day.

All I do is make sure the system I put in place is working.

Once that checks out, I call it a day.

In fact, I work less than a stay-at-home mum. Lol.

But hey, I make more money than a busy dad.

Thanks to the Money Roll strategy.

Now, over to you.

Do you want to start making money the same way that I do?

Do you want to build a guaranteed stream of monthly passive income into your bank account?

All you have to do is get the Money Roll package.

With the Money Roll package, you will learn my exact strategies for:

  • Launching a profitable digital services trading business
  • Flipping digital opportunities like a pro and making money on your own terms
  • Finding the most profitable markets that will bring you the most income
  • Replicating the exact method used by the highest earning digital service traders 
  • Creating new digital niches to exponentially grow your earnings
  • Leveraging digital partnerships to triple your monthly income
  • Fast-tracking your digital services to start earning money within the next 2 hours!

I am essentially giving you all the knowledge, experience, and secrets I’ve learned over the past 5 years about making legitimate income trading digital services online without risk.

That knowledge alone is worth over ₦1,000,000!

But that’s not all.

I will throw in a few bonuses to help you build a strong foundation and start making at least $1,000 monthly ASAP.

Here are the premium bonuses you’d get with the Money Roll package:

  • Bonus #1: 45+ powerful templates for setting up professional profiles that will position you to start earning at a high level. (Worth ₦70,000).
  • Bonus #2: 45+ tried-and-trusted templates used by the highest earners for generating sales as quickly as possible. With this, you could start earning in the next 2 hours, guaranteed! (Worth ₦100,000).
  • Bonus #3: 15 premium templates for setting up your money roll system for generating automatic and consistent passive income. (Worth ₦30,000).

What’s even better?

I will hold your hand and put you through the first steps of your journey to making legitimate passive income online.

I will not leave your side until you start making a substantial income trading digital services online.

I’ll grant you lifetime access to my personal digital resources and services for making money online (Worth ₦100,000).

With this, you have no excuse to not be making at least $1,000 monthly within the next 3 months.

I will also give you exclusive access to a 6-week one-on-one consultation with me, where I will answer all your questions and put you through any difficulty so you can start making money ASAP (Worth ₦50,000).

In essence, you are not only getting the Money Roll package. You are getting my personal service and dedication to you and your goal of making money online.

Now, you can see why it would be fair if I priced the Money Roll package at least ₦200,000.

Heck, it wouldn’t even be out of place if I demand ₦100,000 from you.

Check out what people think about Money Roll:

To be very honest.

I desperately want to see you join the list of people making passive income online without stress. 

I want to see you grow financially, helping other people, and chasing big goals.

That is why I wouldn’t even charge you ₦50,000 for the Money Roll package.

Not even ₦20,000.

That would be too cheap.

But, here’s what I’ll do.

I’ll give it all to you FOR FREE (Just buy me a cup of coffee!)

The Money Roll package is priceless.

It is so valuable that if I put a price on it, most people won’t be able to afford it.

So, I’d rather give it out to someone like you who is serious about making money, and would value the information, systems, and tools I made available within the package.

To make it clear, let’s recap what you’d be getting with the Money Roll Package.

  • My Cheat Code Money Roll strategy for profitably trading digital services at zero risk. Worth ₦1,000,000.
  • 45+ powerful templates for setting up professional profiles to start earning at a high level. Worth ₦70,000.
  • 45+ tried-and-trusted templates used by the highest earners for generating sales as quickly as possible. Worth ₦100,000.
  • 15 premium templates for setting up your money roll system for generating automatic and consistent passive income. Worth ₦30,000.
  • Lifetime access to my personal digital resources and services for making money online. Worth ₦100,000.
  • Exclusive access to a 6-week one-on-one consultation with me, where I will answer all your questions and put you through any difficulty with implementing the Money Roll strategy. Worth ₦50,000.

Plus my ultimate warranty:

If somehow, you are struggling to make money with this system, I would offer you my full service for a scheduled 24 hours and help you implement it so you can start making at least $1,000 monthly ASAP.

That’s a total package worth over ₦1.3 million!

So, why am I doing this?

Why am I giving the Money Roll package to you for free?

Well, I am building a network of business people who are making legitimate passive income online, and I want you to be a part of it.

I want you to join the exclusive group of people who are not just online for entertainment, chit-chatting, and wasting of time.

My hope is that if I can help you start making money online for free, later on you’ll be able to afford one of my premium packages.

That’s a win for you and a win for me.

So, again, I present to you:

Price: ₦1.35 millon FREE

Please be aware.

This is a limited-time offer.

This offer is valid for only the first few people who are serious about making legitimate passive income online.

All you have to do is buy me a cup of coffee to say thank you!

₦2,700 (less than $5).

Coffee keeps me sharp so I can keep working with you and answering to your queries (even at odd hours) until you start making money.

So, what are you waiting for?  

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