Ecobank Launches 2021 Fintech Challenge With $32,000 Prize

Do you have a Fintech idea that could change the face of the banking industry?

Or a product sample that demonstrates financial innovation that could help boost financial services and inclusion in Africa?

If yes, then you should pitch your idea at the 2021 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for a chance at accelerating your products and winning some cash prizes.

About the Ecobank Fintech Challenge

The Ecobank Fintech Challenge identifies and partners with Fintechs that are ready to scale and provides them with support and access to opportunities in Ecobank’s 33 African markets. 

The goal? 

To contribute to their growth as potential Pan African Fintech success stories.

The Challenge is open to all Fintechs on the African continent. Interested Fintech entrepreneurs will need to send in details and a demo of their fintech products.

The fintech product must address one or more of a specific set of pain points in the financial industry such as:

  • Customer Experience
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Credit Scoring
  • Ecosystem Aggregation
  • Internal Tools
  • Payments
  • Any other Fintech solution that can revolutionize banking and payment in Africa

Fintech Opportunities

Apart from the prize money, entrepreneurs in the Fintech Challenge get to enjoy expansive opportunities to grow their businesses by leveraging Ecobank’s platforms.


Fintechs get the chance to explore opportunities with the Ecobank group in order to fine-tune their products and make them market-ready.


Fintechs can integrate their products with Exobank’s multi-service digital platforms and tap into their customer base.


Opportunity for Fintechs to scale their business and operations across Ecobank’s 33 country Ecosystem.

Program Guideline

  • Application: August 2021 – September 2021
  • Applicant Shortlisting: September 2021
  • Uploading of products for sandbox evaluation: October 2021
  • Finalist Selection: November 2021
  • Pitching & Prize winning: November 2021
  • Induction into Ecobank Fintech Fellowship: November 2021
  • Explore Commercial Partnership opportunities with Ecobank: November 2021 – April 2022

The Prize Award

Selected finalists will participate in the Ecobank Fintech Innovation Fair, with the top 3 finalists winning cash prizes. 

All finalists are inducted into the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship, which affords them the opportunity to explore deals, integration and commercial partnership with the Ecobank Group.


  • Winner: $15,000
  • First Runner Up: $12,000
  • Second Runner Up: $10,000


The program is open to all Fintech applicants across Africa from August 2021 to 20th of September 2021.

To Apply, kindly click the link below:

Ecobank 2021 Fintech Challenge