Bizvestor provides incisive articles on investment opportunities, business tips & advice, and strategies for making money in Nigeria. This platform is borne out of the need to expose legitimate business and investment opportunities in Nigeria with proven track records of yielding reasonable returns.

There are many business and investment opportunities and platforms in Nigeria, but over the years, many of them have proven to be either fraudulent or unsustainable in the long-term. Many of these bad business and investment opportunities come in the form of money doubling, gambling, and multi-level marketing schemes that fly by night, leaving investors with nothing but regret.

I strongly believe that the reason why many investors and business enthusiasts in Nigeria make miscalculated investments is due to their lack of sufficient financial education and also the fact that only a few platforms provide legitimate information for scrutinizing business and investment opportunities.

Bizvestor want to be the go-to platform for investors, business enthusiasts, and business owners in Nigeria looking to verify business and investment opportunities as well as learn new strategies for growing their money.

Here’s hoping you have a nice time learning to invest and do business on Bizvestor.

Chijioke Solomon