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  • 7 Best Freelancing Websites to Get Online Jobs Fast

    Looking for some of the best Freelancing sites to get online jobs and make money online? You’re definitely not alone. Millions of people are now looking towards freelancing either as a side hustle to supplement their monthly income, or as self-employed work where they have control over their work schedule. If you’ve ever earned a […]

  • 5 Quick Steps to Start Making Money Online in 2023

    The number one fact about making money online in 2023 is that most people won’t make a dime through their online activity. Another fact is that most of the online opportunities for making money in 2023 are either scams or designed to waste your time. Without being aware you could be going in circles for […]

  • How to Prevent Your Payoneer Account From Getting Blocked

    Recently, I went through a big scare with my Payoneer account being blocked or rather restricted. Whatever you want to call it. The thing is, you’ll never be prepared for these kinds of things, and it might just hit you at the wrong moment. My Payoneer account got blocked at a time when I didn’t […]

  • 7 Best Mobile Banking Apps For Making Money In Nigeria

    Looking for the best mobile banking apps that will help you do business and make money in Nigeria? You’re definitely on the right path. If you’re doing business in Nigeria, you’ll know that banking and making money are inseparable. In fact, the better banking services you have, the better you can make money. Likewise, the […]

  • 8 Ways to Earn Dollars Online in Nigeria

    Want to start earning some dollars online as a Nigerian living in Nigeria? Well, who wouldn’t want to. If you could earn just $100 per month, that’s more than twice the minimum wage in Nigeria. And the good news is that making $100 per month is easier than many people think. You only have to […]

  • Is Forex Trading A Good Investment For Beginners?

    Someone recently asked me if forex trading was a good investment for a beginner. In clearer terms, will forex trading be a good way to start making money online for someone who is just starting out? Well, my answer to that is, it depends. Forex trading seems to be one of the most proposed investment […]

  • How to Open a Zelle Account in Nigeria (Working Method)

    If you receive money regularly from the U.S, then you know that a Zelle account is one of the fastest ways to get paid. You could receive money from Paypal and even Payoneer, but Zelle seems to be the fastest option. With a Zelle account, you can receive payment just with a U.S phone number […]

  • How to Check BVN Online Without Phone Number or Airtime

    The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a vital identification number for anyone looking to bank in NIgeria. Not only is it used to trace individual bank accounts across different banks, it can be a useful tool for authenticating users for account ownership. To check your BVN is usually a straightforward process, which is made available […]

  • How to Sell Fast on Whatsapp: Don’t Do This

    So, you have new products that you think will sell like hot cake on Whatsapp? And you’re looking to make thousands of sales selling your products via Whatsapp status and broadcast features? Maybe you could even make enough sales to turn this thing from a side hustle into a growing business. Well, I’m here to […]