7 Best Mobile Banking Apps For Making Money In Nigeria

Looking for the best mobile banking apps that will help you do business and make money in Nigeria?

You’re definitely on the right path.

If you’re doing business in Nigeria, you’ll know that banking and making money are inseparable.

In fact, the better banking services you have, the better you can make money. Likewise, the more money you make, the more the need for efficient banking services.

In this article, we’ll look at a few mobile banking apps in Nigeria that will help you make and manage your money while doing business on the go.

Let’s get right to it.


It seems that everyone loves Opay. 

The recent banking crisis in Nigeria has shown that when the chips are down with your bank, your mobile money wallet might be what could save the day.

And boy, did Opay capitalize on that. They offer a seamless payment experience with lots of bonuses attached to banking activities.

Who wouldn’t love that?

With Opay, you can do your daily financial transactions, pay for utilities, and even make some money on your savings.

That seems to be the basics right? But you’d be surprised how many fintechs and banking apps in Nigeria do not offer that.


The ‘Messi’ of investment fintechs in Nigeria!

Chaka is the one app that puts your mind to rest when it comes to finding the best investment portfolio both locally and internationally, to put your money to work.

If you’re a long-term value investor looking for a versatile and secure investment banking app, then Chaka might just be what you need.

Chaka is licensed by the SEC as a digital investment platform offering Naira and dollar denominated portfolios in a wide-range of markets.


A new Fintech that seems to have stolen the show when it comes to small scale eCommerce in Nigeria.

With Klasha, you can buy from global shops in the US and UK, pay in Naira, and sell in Nigeria.

Klasha makes the eCommerce world a true global village where you only need a mobile app for access.

They also offer prepaid dollar cards for merchants to pay for global services, using a fair forex rate.

Since I started using Klasha, I’ve had to delete many other competing apps that do not level up to what Klasha is offering.

Maybe now is the time to add Klasha to your arsenal of eCommerce apps.


Want to start investing and putting your money to work? Maybe you need to be cowry wise.

Cowrywise is one of the most consistent Fintech apps over the last five years.

They have the bragging rights as the platform with the largest collection of mutual funds in Nigeria. 

Without mincing words, you can literally find any mutual funds you want on the Cowrywise app and invest seamlessly.

The app is quite secure and offers other great saving products to users who are risk-averse. 

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your money because Cowrywise is licensed by the CBN as a fund/portfolio management company.


The king of alternative banking in Nigeria, rather globally.

If you want to keep your money away from the banking system without having a home safe, then you should consider crypto.

I know that crypto seems to be bastardized with all sorts of shady predictions, but what could be worse than keeping your money in a banking system where it loses value on a daily basis?

With Binance, you can keep part of your money digitally safe, invest some, and earn reasonable dividends.

This might not be the banking app for all, but it’s definitely a banking alternative considered by a savvy few.


Moniepoint is one of the most innovative banking platforms in Nigeria, with the aim of helping businesses find unbanked markets.

The platform and their business proposition is quite sound, little wonder why they grew so fast and have merchants on almost every corner of Nigerian streets.

With Moniepoint, you can get a quick bank account for your business, loans to power your business expansion, and quick transactions online and on POS.

Moniepoint seems to be focused on effectively delivering on a few essential business services, and they seem to be winning at it.


Prospa is like the Moniepoint for local eCommerce merchants.

If you love Moniepoint, you’ll most likely love Prospa even more due to the bouquet of business services they offer on their app.

Apart from the basic business features on the Prospa app such as getting a business bank account and POS, merchants can create web stores right on the app and generate instant invoices when they receive sales orders.

This helps eCommerce merchants organize their products and sales record, while tracking everything from inventory to profit.

Who wouldn’t want that?

But that’s not all. Prospa also offers an interest of more than 4% APR on balances on the app.

So, as you do business and receive sales via Prospa, the platform plays its own part to ensure that your money keeps growing.

Now, that’s some chedda!




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