The eNaira Should be a Money-making Wallet

I’ve written a previous article during the launch of the eNaira stating why it is no different from the mobile banking apps that we currently use. And true to my assertion, the eNaira failed to interest Nigerians and the adoption rate was abysmal. Now, the CBN is seeking to drive the adoption of the eNaira … Read more

Is It Possible To Get Scammed Through Your BVN?

A lot has been said about the risk of getting your BVN exposed to the wrong hands.  But is your BVN enough for scammers to gain entry into your bank account? To clarify this, we first need to know what a BVN is and it’s importance in the Nigerian banking ecosystem. What is a BVN? … Read more

Ngannou’s Earnings from UFC 260 Could Buy him 10 Bitcoins

Francis Ngannou’s Earnings From UFC 260 Could Buy Him Almost 10 Bitcoins or over 300 Ethereum. On 28th of March, at the main event of the UFC 260, Francis Ngannou became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world after knocking out Former champion, Stipe miocic. His second round Technical KO victory saw him walk … Read more