Investment Reviews

  • I-Invest Review: A Balanced Portfolio Marketplace For Investors?

    I-Invest is providing one of the most well-rounded portfolio marketplaces for investors to invest. The investment platform which is owned by Parthian Partners, an investment broker in Nigeria, wants to create access to top tier investment opportunities for all. Through their I-Invest mobile app, anyone could sign up, create and verify a profile, and start […]

  • ARM Fixed Income Fund: Guaranteed ROI For Investors?

    ARM Investment Managers are offering investors a guaranteed way to earn consistent ROI via the ARM fixed income fund. According to the hedge fund, this mutual fund should be a no-brainer for investors who want to invest for the short and medium term while earning guaranteed return on their capital. ARM fixed income fund invests […]

  • Fundall Review: The All In One Savings Investment App?

    Fundall is offering Nigerian investors the chance to save and invest in naira and dollars, while earning reasonable returns. Through the fundall app, users can perform a range of financial services as well as save for the short-term. However, the question remains, how does fundall compare with other top Fintech apps offering similar savings and […]