Pettycash Investment Review: Is It a Legit or Scam Program?

Looking to invest in Pettycash investment product, Pettyvest? So, you want to know the legitimacy of the company and if you should invest your money there for higher returns? In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Pettyvest and their investment proposition to see if it is a worthwhile investment you should make.

Let’s take a dive in.

What Is Pettycash?

Pettycash is a loan company that claims to be fully digital and available in the 36 states of Nigeria. This means that the company does not have branches nationwide. 

They offer three kinds of loans: Payday loan, Federal Staff loan, and Car collateral loan. They also offer investment opportunities via their investment product known as Pettyvest.

The company’s address as seen on their website is at 23, Opebi road, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos. Since Pettyvest claims that they do not have branches and are fully digitally operational, I wonder if this address is a virtual address or a real one.

How Does The Company Make Money?

Pettyvest makes money by charging interests on their loans. Like a typical loan company, once they offer a loan, they charge some interest on it, which is received once the loan is fully paid.

They might also make money via repossessions in the case of default in car loans. If you fail to repay a car collateral loan, they might repossess the car and resell it.

How Does Pettycash Investment work?

Pettycash Investment is offered in two tranches: The 6-month tenure, and the 12-month tenure. With the 6-month tenure, you can make 15% ROI in 6 months, while with the 12-month tenure, you get to make 35% ROI in 12 months.

The minimum amount required to invest with Pettyvest Investment is 50,000 Naira. There is no maximum amount of investment required.

Is Pettycash Investment Legit or Scam?

You never can be sure if Pettyvest Investment is legit or a scam, but there are a few things to look out for. 

Firstly, just taking a look at the website, there is no “About” page and the link to their FAQ page doesn’t work. There is no way to learn more about what this company does, and it just looks like a company that is hurriedly put together online.

Also, their branchless operation is a cause for concern, but since they have an office address, you might want to pay them a visit and physically meet and talk to their rep.

Also, for a loans and investment company that operates primarily online, I would have loved to see a list of their partners such as a bank or insurance company, to help put investors’ minds at rest. 

But with what is on ground, via their website, there is insufficient information to convince me as an investor to invest with Pettycash Investment.

Should You Invest In Pettycash?

For now, I wouldn’t invest in Pettycash Investment. But I’ll definitely be watching out for them. The ROI on offer is great and reasonable, but the communication about their offer is vague at best.

I think Pettyvest is relatively a new company or maybe a startup, so I’ll cut them some slack and wait to see if they would put their shit together.

I want to see an “About” or “How it works” page on their website as well as a functional FAQ page. I also want to see their industry partners and other associates listed on their website. That would greatly improve investors’ confidence in Pettycash Investment.


Looking at the Pettycash website, I have a feeling that the product is still at the MVP stage, so they are basically testing the market for viability.

This means that the stability of the company is not strong enough for risk-averse investors. So, if you must make an investment with this company, it is a must that you visit the address on their website and see things for yourself.

The Pettyvest Idea is a great one and I wish them luck in scaling through this phase of their company. If they do, then Pettycash Investment would be a great option for investing your money for the short term.




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