Tigerwit Investment Review: Legit or Scam Trading App?

Tigerwit has been one of the most popular digital assets trading apps in Nigeria in the last 2 years.

But many people do not know how to use Tigerwit or if it’s a legitimate way to make money in Nigeria.

In this review article, we’ll be taking a deep look at how Tigerwit works and if it’s actually a lucrative way to invest your money.

Let’s dig in.

What is Tigerwit all about?

Tigerwit is a platform for investors to trade assets digitally. 

Any tradable asset or instruments can be traded on Tigerwit; such as Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, CFDs, Commodities, and precious metals like Gold.

Tigerwit offers the platform for professional traders and people looking to profit from the price changes of digital assets.

Using the Blockchain technology, the company ensures transparency of trades and transactions on its platform.

How does Tigerwit make money?

Tigerwit makes money on spreads as well as via withdrawal fees for more than four withdrawals monthly.

That means, whenever you make a profit or a loss when trading on the platform, Tigerwit makes a profit.

How to Invest in Tigerwit

You can start investing in Tigerwit by signing up via their website or via their mobile app.

Once you have signed up and verified your account, you can deposit a minimum of $50 and start trading on any asset you like.

Apart from trading directly on the Tigerwit website, you can make money via other avenues such as:

Inviting Friends

You can earn extra income on Tigerwit by inviting friends to trade with you on the platform. Tigerwit promises to offer cash bonuses in US dollars per friend you invite.

Become an Introducing Broker

You can make money on Tigerwit as an Introducing broker. This can be a good side business where you earn according to how much money your referral deposit on the platform.

Tigerwit promises to pay competitive rebates to all its brokers.

Become a Master Trader

You can earn mouth-watering commissions as a Master Trader on Tigerwit.

As a Master Trader, your job is to support other traders with trading signals through the copy-trading feature on Tigerwit.

The more traders that copy your trades on the platform, the more commissions you can earn.

Become an Affiliate Partner

If you have a platform of people looking to invest or trade, then you can become a verified affiliate partner of Tigerwit.

Tigerwit promises to pay it’s affiliate partners up to $400 per referral.

How much ROI does Tigerwit offer?

There is no set ROI that you can make on Tigerwit.

How much you make on the platform will depend on what assets you choose to trade and your level of trading experience.

Is Tigerwit Legit or Scam?

Tigerwit seems like a legit company.

The company is registered in the Caribbean, but has a network of platforms around the world.

It is regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB), with license number SIA-F185.

In 2018, Tigerwit became the official Online Foreign Exchange Trading Partner of Liverpool FC in its bid to get exposure to the UK, Europe, and Asia markets.

Tigerwit Africa is the platform available for Nigerians to trade.

I like the fact that Tigerwit provides the required training and learning tools to help traders become better at trading financial instruments.

They offer a virtual account for newbies to test the waters first before committing funds in trading activities, which looks like a good and legitimate plan.

Can you Lose Money with Tigerwit?

Of course.

If you trade without experience, or you trade with greed, then you can lose money on Tigerwit.

The platform has, however, set things in place to help mitigate losses for traders.

Some of these features include free market analysis tools, negative balance protection, and blockchain-level transparency.

Should you Invest in Tigerwit?

Tigerwit is perfect for investors who need some skin in the game.

Those who prefer to get active in trading activities rather than just throw their money on Investments.

The truth is that you can make more money by actively trading stocks than just holding a portfolio.

However, there are higher risks of losses as well.

Personally, I prefer passive investments with a lot of liquidity. I don’t want to fill my time looking at hourly graphs and statistics and making trades per minute.

While I will not be using Tigerwit, there is a demographic of active trading investors that will love and enjoy the unique features of trading with Tigerwit.




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