Business Ideas

  • 10 Easy Daily Income Businesses to Start in Nigeria (2023)

    Looking to start a business that brings in daily income for you in 2023? You are definitely not alone. A daily income business is a business that helps you make money on a daily basis, almost guaranteed. As long as you set it up the right way and put in the right amount of work, […]

  • 7 Gray Area Businesses That Can Make You Millions

    Most people often shy away from business ideas and opportunities in gray areas, due to legal uncertainty and issues of morality that come with many of such businesses. But there are many gray area businesses that are on the positive side of the law, and have the potential to make lots of money for their […]

  • 8 Underrated Boring Businesses That Can Make You Rich

    Want to start a business that has the potential to make you rich? You might be looking for an exciting business with lots of thrills and adventure, but the truth is, many profitable businesses do not appear exciting. In fact, most of the businesses that can generate huge income today are so boring and repetitive […]

  • How To Set Up A Mini Importation Business That Makes Millions

    Mini importation is one of the most profitable businesses in the last few years. Many of the new eCommerce millionaires and dropshippers made their money via mini importation. More so, mini importation is the purest form of online arbitrage in the eCommerce sector. A merchant only has to identify a cheap product that can be […]

  • How To Start A Cash Swap Business In Nigeria That Makes Millions

    With Nigeria’s recent cash crunch, people are beginning to realize that cash is truly king. But in all these debacles, there is a huge opportunity to make money by setting up a cash swap business to fill the cash needs of many POS businesses. As you may already know, the CBN of Nigeria has limited […]

  • 10 Easy Businesses To Start With 2k in Nigeria (No Skills Required)

    Most people looking to start a side business are always on the lookout for an easy business that requires little skill and little capital. This is usually a good move because it mitigates the risk involved and increases the chances of success. If you are looking for an easy business you can start on the […]

  • 30 Hospitality Business Ideas For Nomad Entrepreneurs (2023)

    A hospitality business is a very lucrative one due to the frequent in and out movement of customers. Most hospitality businesses are in sectors such as travel, lodging, events, and recreation. This means that the hospitality sector is always best served by nomad entrepreneurs who are able to give their time and also able to […]

  • 6 Types of POS Business to Start in Nigeria – 2023

    POS business is a very lucrative B2C business in Nigeria. One of the biggest advantages of a POS business is that it is easy to start with less capital. Little wonder it is one of the most saturated businesses in the small business niche in Nigeria. If you’ve been thinking of starting a POS business, […]

  • How to Set Up A Hedge Fund Company in Nigeria

    Want to start a profitable hedge fund management company in Nigeria? Looking to set up a company that manages other people’s assets and capital? Then you need to become a fund manager with the requisite experience, expertise, and network. Hedge funds are mostly known as investment companies and sometimes trustees that advise, plan, and invest […]