13 Creative Business Ideas to Start from Home & Make Money

Looking for some creative business ideas that get you making money from anywhere, even at home?

Want to unleash your creative genius in business and start earning with your skills and talents?

Like they say, creative people do not work for a single minute, instead they get paid to have fun. 

Here are some business ideas to get your creative juice flowing and your bank account smiling.

T-shirt Printing

Do you have ideas for t-shirt prints? Or know how to design catchy inscriptions and logos on t-shirts? Then you can make money out of it.

There are many ways to do this. You could get plain t-shirts in bulk and then print them with your designs for sale.

A Nigerian-made plain t-shirt is sold for an average price of 500 Naira. You could get it cheaper when you buy in bulk.

Printing per t-shirt could cost anywhere between 50 Naira and 100 Naira if you print on bulk. That should bring your total cost per t-shirt to 600 Naira.

You could then sell the t-shirt between 1,000 Naira and 3,000 Naira depending on the quality of the t-shirt.

If you don’t want to deal with the logistics of buying plain t-shirts and printing them for sale, then you can just use online platforms that print t-shirts for sale.

One of those is Printivo, a Nigerian digital printing company. On Printivo, you could choose the color of the t-shirt, upload your designs, and choose where you want the design to be printed on the t-shirt.

You could also go global with your t-shirt design and printing venture by using Teespring, a website that allows you to print t-shirts virtually and sell them without investing in any logistics or inventory.

On Teespring, you could upload your designs, choose your t-shirt color and size, place the design on the part of the t-shirt where you want it and save the final product on your eCommerce shop on Teespring.

Once a customer likes your t-shirt design and orders for it, Teespring will produce the t-shirt on your behalf, ship it to the customer, receive payments, and pay you your share, without you lifting a single finger.

Now, that’s turning creativity to money.

Lunch Packing

There are lots of corporate workers and civil servants who are in need of quality lunch.

Most of the eateries and restaurants around business avenues are either too expensive or do not have the right menu or cooking skills.

If you are a good chef, here’s where you could come in to serve this demographic.

You could launch a lunch packing service where you deliver lunch to offices, with different menus for different days.

These types of services are springing up, and it’s only a matter of time before they become the norm.

You could position yourself for a first-mover advantage by offering deliciously-packed lunch meals exclusive for corporate workers who value good food.

To get your first clients, you could offer test meals or poach senior management to subscribe for your lunch pack services.

Home Tutoring

Home tutors that know their worth make money on a steady basis.

Home tutoring could be in the area of academics, technology, dance and performing arts, writing, etc.

I know of one who is focused on STEM, particularly mathematics and technology skills.

By focusing on a problem area like mathematics, and a growing area like technology, she enjoys good patronage from schools, study centers and parents looking for home tutors.

You can do the same and turn your academic knowledge and creative talents into cash.

Customer Care Service

The pandemic seems to have changed the face of many industries, including that of call services.

Many companies are now employing freelance call agents to take up customer care roles and work from home.

If you’re a chitty-chatty person, then you could monetize your conversation skills to help companies serve their customers.

The average customer call agent in Nigeria is paid at least 50k Naira per month.

That’s not a bad pay when you consider the freedom of work which allows you to do other businesses, thereby increasing your income potential.

And remember, most creative people enjoy talking, so this could be a fun way to make money on the side.

Website Flipping

Do you know that you could create and sell tiny niche websites for cash? That’s called website flipping.

If you’re a creative web designer who loves launching great business ideas on the web, then you can start building out your ideas on websites and flipping them for cash.

You could build a tiny niche website for as low as $20 (10k Naira) and sell for an average of $100 (50k Naira).

If you could flip at least 5 websites per month, then you could be making nothing less than 200k Naira as a monthly income.

Crypto Flipping

Still on flipping digital assets. If you love tinkering with money, then crypto flipping should interest you.

Crypto flipping is simply moving your funds from one crypto asset to the other with the aim of making a profit.

It is basically about following trends. Find crypto assets that are likely to trend up in price, move your funds there, make your profit and move to the next opportunity.

It works, and people are currently making a killing doing just that – buying and selling crypto assets.

Frozen Foods

Do you enjoy doing some kitchen work? If yes, then maybe you could start processing meat for profit.

Frozen meat, especially chicken, is a lucrative business that people are beginning to capitalize on.

What most people don’t know is that there are imported frozen chicken and there are local frozen chicken.

The local frozen chicken is usually sourced, killed and packaged locally, and is cheaper and more lucrative as a business.

All you have to do is source from local poultry farms in large quantities, prepare the chicken, package them in used cartons and freeze for distribution.

This way, you could start supplying frozen chicken to retail stores around you and make money.

YouTube Publishing

Have a skill, knowledge or talent you want to share with the world? Then go show it on YouTube.

YouTube Publishing gives anyone the opportunity to share their creative talent or knowledge, and get paid for it.

Can you dance? Sing? Do acrobatics or other arts? Especially skillful? A conversationalist?

Then go publish yourself on YouTube, slowly grow and monetize your channel and start making money.

Voiceover Production

Do you have a unique voice that gets everyone wanting to listen to you? 

Can you creatively mimic other personalities and voice styles?

If yes, then you should go into voiceover Production as a business. 

Voiceover artists can be paid for producing voice notes for specific characters, acting jingles, and reading out articles over slides.

As a voiceover artist, you could start out as a freelancer, work for broadcasters, or start your own audio production company.

Voiceover production is definitely a great venture for creative audio talents willing to put in the work for the accompanying great pay.

Catering Services

Catering Services have not gone extinct. They are indeed still needed and even part of the events culture in Nigeria.

If you are skilled at baking, frying and preparing desserts for special occasions, then you could be making money offering catering services. 

Most weekend events today would not start without some small chops, and most birthdays or weddings would lose their spice without a cake.

So, catering services are still much needed. You only need to have the right skills, and love to show them in making beautiful delicious pastries.

And of course you’ll get well paid.

Laundry Services

I hate doing the laundry, and I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of people who feel the same.

Reason why laundry Services still exist and are thriving.

If you have a special skill for laundry and love taking care of clothing materials, then you should consider starting a laundry service.

A laundry service is a creative venture that features many facets such as washing, dying, material repair, dry cleaning, etc.

You could specialize in one area of laundry service and start giving your best to your community in return for cash.

Solar Energy Distribution

Solar energy is an emerging industry in Nigeria, and is growing fast due to the increasing cost and instability of electricity in Nigeria.

If you love marketing and believe you could thrive in a new or emerging space, then solar energy distribution could be a good place to start honing your talent.

You could also develop other Money-making skills on the job such as solar panel installation, solar battery diagnosis, solar system servicing, etc.

The skills and talents in marketing and technology developed from solar energy distribution would be a great advantage not only for making money but also in your career going forward.

Electronics Repair Services

Are you skilled at diagnosing problems with electronics and phones? Then you should be making good money with that skill.

Almost every adult today has a mobile phone and one other electronic device. This means that the market for electronics repair is worth billions of Naira, if not trillions.

Electronic devices include TVs, sound systems, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

The cost of repairing an electronic device is from 1,000 Naira and above, which means that the average electronics repair shop could easily make 50k Naira monthly if not more.

So much for using a creative skill that comes naturally to you, eh?




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