5 Christmas Business Ideas for Making Money this Season

Once again, the Christmas season is upon us. But it brings with it some opportunity for business and making money.

Yes, you can still make money even in the midst of all the festivities.

People spend money during Christmas without giving it much thought. Afterall, why have they been working hard all year long?

Well, the essence of this post is to position you for some yuletide business to make some good money in preparation for the cold hard January.

Let’s jump into this.

Christmas Hamper Deals

To be honest, hampers are a big deal in this Christmas season.

Not only are they great for getting huge discounts on everyday items, but they also present opportunities to purchase gifts and other necessities in bulk.

When I’m disposed, I don’t miss buying one or two hampers for Christmas, especially the provision hampers.

They contain different provision items that I wouldn’t even think to include in my basket, and that is one of the reasons why I don’t miss them for Christmas.

Now, on the business side, these hamper guys are making a killing!

They could sell up to 50 hampers in a day, just by selling out of a car boot or positioning by the roadside.

Now, do the math. A hamper could cost between 15k to 20k. If you can sell 50 Christmas hampers in a day, that’s you making 750k per day.

At a 10% profit margin, that’s a whopping 75k profit!

Christmas Costume Sales & Rental

I remember growing up, my parents would usually buy me a Christmas decorated cap, a Christmas-themed wristwatch and eyeglasses, which were usually overpriced.

And we would hang out at places where there were different mascots with different costumes.

And guess what? There were thousands of other children like me who spent their Christmas this way.

Right now, even though Christmas is slightly different than it was back then, these things are still obtainable as is the business.

You could start raking in some good cash this Christmas by selling these kids items and renting mascot costumes for kids events.

Christmas-themed kids wearables are usually bought in bulk at unit prices less than 100 Naira, and could be sold up to 500 Naira.

A mascot costume such as Barney would cost between 60k to 100k in full purchase, while renting out at 10k to 15k per day.

Just imagine how much you could make this Christmas just for bringing smiles to the kids’ faces.

Bouncy Castle Rental

Every kid loves bouncy castles. In fact, it is a kid’s fantasy to play in a bouncy castle.

That means a kids party with a bouncy castle is usually more fun than one without it.

Doubt me? Just ask any kid.

A bouncy castle in Nigeria costs from 300k Naira upwards, depending on the design and number of compartments.

Hiring a bouncy castle in Nigeria would cost between 20k to 30k per day.

To attract a lot of kids, many big brand restaurants and ice-cream shops in Nigeria do hire these bouncy castles for their premises throughout the festive period.

Now imagine renting out your bouncy castle to a big brand restaurant for 10 days. 

That’s easily 200k Naira in earnings.

Sell Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a hidden money maker.

I remember growing up, my dad would usually buy a Christmas tree to decorate our sitting room every Christmas.

It was like a ritual, and so, for many other families.

But Christmas trees are in different sizes and target different buyers, not just families. 

There are sizes for outdoor display, events, and religious centers. There are also sizes for corporate offices too.

The business of selling Christmas trees is more of marketing, as you would be buying directly from craftsmen and selling to buyers.

The margin on both sides of the purchase would be your profit. You could buy a Christmas tree for 2k Naira and resell for 10k Naira.

But you wouldn’t need to spend a dime until you receive an order. What a cool way to make money.

Organize Private Beach Parties

Truth be told, one way or the other, we’re all going to end up at the beach this Christmas.

Almost no one is going to decline an invitation to a beach party. 

So, organizing beach Parties is one of the guaranteed ways to make money this Christmas.

I’ve seen and heard of several private beach Parties, and they cost money to join.

Most of these beach parties are more of a meet-and-greet, with one influential person or celebrity showing up.

If you have access to a celebrity or an influential person, then you could organize these kinds of beach parties.

If you don’t have access to a celebrity, you could still throw your private beach party, but the fees would be significantly less, and you would need to have a lot of girls to hook in invitees.

All in all, private beach parties are a quick way to make money during this festive period.

All you have to spend on is a DJ, some drinks and barbeque, and gate fees.

If you have 20 invitees paying you 10k each to join your private beach party, you could make about 100k in profit after deducting expenses.

A celebrity-included private beach party would make you even more money.

That’s some good Christmas cash flow right there.




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