Jingle bells. Jingle bells. The season is upon us!

Christmas is around the corner, and for many people it’s a time to take their feet off the gas and chill with family and friends.

But for many others, it’s a time to roll up their sleeves and make some easy quid.

If you’re one of the latter group, then this post is for you.

Let’s talk about a few ways you could make money on the side this year’s Christmas while flaunting your red and white santa hat.

Cheap Xmas Hampers

This is usually the go-to business for many people during the Xmas period. After all, the demand is there, so it’s a no-brainer.

Xmas hampers can come in different forms and sizes. You could even package a mix across item categories.

From toys to condiments, and from decoratoions to beverages.

The plan is buy the items in bulk and package a mix of them in a way that you could carve out some profit.

But you should always stick with items that people really want to buy. If you do that, you’d make some good money this season.

Remittance Service Via Crypto

In the spirit of the Xmas season, many Nigerians living abroad have the tradition of sending remittances back home.

The problem however, is that many remittance channels have been blocked, with senders cornered to only a few remittance options.

You could save the day by being the go-to remittance service that provides the option for international remittances to Nigeria via crypto channels.

You’ll have to advertise heavily and prove your legitimacy though if you want to get good patronage.

But if you do find any traction, you’ll be making some really good money.

Exclusive Hangouts

Hands in the air if you’re definitely hanging out this Christmas.

I’m definitely.

But hanging out ain’t easy due to lack of really good options.

And you know, some of these good options can be quite expensive if you want to ball alone.

So, why not package a really good hangout and make it exclusive for some select people?

I know I’d definitely pay for an exclusively packaged hangout in any reasonable location.

A beach?

A celebrity meet and greet? 

A group camp?

Take my money!

Group Vacation Trips

Now, talking of groups.

Group vacations are really really exciting.

Not just hangouts but vacation trips where you travel to a different location and spend some days with a few people.

There are people like me who’d pay for this kind of service as far as the group is well-vetted and exclusive.

You could organize these group trips to visit any tourist attraction spot in Nigeria or even take a short trip for a camp far way from home.

I remember a friend going for such trips and they all lodged in a 5-bedroom Airbnb. 

It was all fun for the group and there were many romantic events to reminisce. 

How I wish I was there. 

Anyways, if you’d be organizing these types of trips, just take my money!

Travel Photography 

In this season, people do not just want to hangout and chill with friends and family.

They also want to capture different moments and make a memorable album of their Xmas experiences.

However, the problem is that many are limited in terms of where to go.

I know you could take selfies at different angles and create different scenes in just one location, but people are actually looking more more.

Here’s where you come in.

You could offer photography services with the option of capturing different breath-taking locations in a matter of days.

I think they call this photography trips.

All you have to do is convey you client to different locations and help them capture different moments.

It’s a dedicated service that could be fulfilled in one day or in a couple of days depending on the needs of the client.

But you must have a list of cool places with nice backgrounds and scenes that add color to the photos.

The more bespoke the client demands, the more you’ll get paid to offer this service.

Paired Haulage Services

Many Nigerians travel back to the villages during the Xmas period, and they don’t travel empty-handed.

They go with a lot of items, gifts for family, and foodstuff to last them the entirety of their Christmas vacation in the village.

One interesting fact is that many travelers prefer to send these items to the village ahead of their trips.

This means that haulage service providers make good money this season.

That’s where you come in. 

You could offer a service that helps them reduce haulage costs by pairing goods going to the same location.

For example, if you’d be traveling to Delta State, you could help deliver items to villages in Delta and other neighboring towns nearby.

I know someone who does this business with his personal car especially during the festive periods. 

He plies mostly the southeast and southsouth side of Nigeria and he is never short of clients during the Xmas period.

Sometimes he would be so busy that he could be doing the business well into the new year.

That’s to tell you that there is really money in offering paired Haulage Services during the Xmas period if you have the skills, resources and time.

Santa Events

Christmas time is Santa time.

I know that the Santa culture might have whittled down a little, but the demand is still there, especially for many children parties during the Christmas period.

Everybody loves Santa and they want to see a Santa appearance no matter how short the period.

You could start a Santa service where you supply Santa’s (funny) to children events around you.

All you have to do is hire a few people willing to play the role, and then hire the Santa costume to use.

Your charges for the Santa service would depend on how much it cost you to hire the costumes and pay the costumiers plus other logistics.

If you get enough demand for your Santas, you could be making some cool cash on the side.

You could even go full red and white mode to play the Santa role and pocket all the money for yourself.

Happy earnings.




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