3 Easy Online Businesses for Newbies (Fast Money)

Making money online isn’t hard, but it is quite confusing and requires a specific skill set that many newbies do not have.

But just like in the real world, there are hard businesses, and there are easy businesses.

If you really want to make money fast, then you should go for the easy business, and later graduate to the harder one when you’ve learned the ropes.

In this article, we’ll look at 3 easy online businesses any newbie can start if they want to make money fast.

Maybe you need to pay a debt, settle some bills or raise some quick cash, then you should go for one of these easy online businesses.

Here are a few to start with.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to make money online.

I know that it’s been bastardized due to many newbies having bad experiences with affiliate marketing.

However, affiliate marketing still remains a legitimate way to make money online today.

It is simply the art of selling other people’s products. 

If you are able to sell other people’s products effectively, you’ll have brands begging to pay you to help them sell their products.

The biggest secret to making money with affiliate marketing is to build a solid marketing system for yourself in a single niche.

Many newbies make the mistake of just selling any product that comes their way.

They market many products in different niches and hope that they will make a sale.

Also, they limit themselves to affiliate marketing programs that pay peanuts for all the hard work of pulling buyers to affiliate sites.

You can do it differently by building an affiliate marketing system with a strong reputation for selling particular niche products.

That way, you could sell other people’s products and make shit load of money online without being cornered into affiliate programs that pay pennies.

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading and exchange still remains one of the fastest ways to make money online on a daily basis.

If you’re in dire need of cash flow, then crypto trading could help you start generating that in a matter of days.

You would have to learn the ropes though, and also have some capital to start with.

Remember that this is a money business, unlike affiliate marketing that doesn’t require any capital to start.

You could start crypto trading in Nigeria with as low as 100k Naira and grow from there.

The biggest factor for success in this business would be your ability to evolve with the trend and find opportunities for growing patronage.

Affiliate Masterclass

I’ve seen many newbies who know next to nothing making money with this business.

If you’ve ever attended a WhatsApp masterclass about learning anything, then you’ve likely patronized an affiliate masterclass.

Here’s how it works.

You find an information product that teaches a new business, skill, or opportunity.

Then you purchase that product, read it, digest it, put it into practice and get some results.

Now, you are sure that the information works and you have results to show as proof.

Now, here’s the business part of the equation.

All you have to do is start teaching people what you learned by applying the principles in that information product and your experience getting the results.

This is legal and is not considered plagiarism as long as you bring a new perspective based on your own experience.

If you bought that information product for 10k and you were able to transfer the knowledge you got to 100 people who paid 5k each, you would have made a healthy profit of 490k.

That’s a whopping 5000% return on your initial investment.

The good news is that you can rinse and repeat this process with as many other information products as you want.




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