10 Easy Daily Income Businesses to Start in Nigeria (2023)

Looking to start a business that brings in daily income for you in 2023?

You are definitely not alone.

A daily income business is a business that helps you make money on a daily basis, almost guaranteed.

As long as you set it up the right way and put in the right amount of work, you should be making some daily revenue.

So, which daily income business should you start in 2023?

Well, it’s better to start with a business that is easy to start for almost anyone. 

That is, a business that:

  • Requires minimal capital to start
  • Already has a ready market
  • Doesn’t require any high-level skill
  • Easy for almost anyone to set up

So, in this post, we’ll look at 10 easy daily income businesses that you can start tomorrow and  generate some quick revenue for your daily needs.

Let’s get started.

Sell Articles Via eCommerce

What better way to start generating daily income than to start selling useful articles online?

Articles are items procured for everyday use and are always in high demand. They are mostly small items that can be quickly procured. 

Some examples of article items are phone ring holder, automated hand fan, hand sewing machine, electric shaver, etc.

These article items sell like hot cake, and you could be making reasonable sales on a daily basis if you do your eCommerce marketing right.

Real Estate Agency

A real estate agency is a daily income spinner, as there are many ways to make money.

You could sell real estate consultancy services, earn rental commissions, or engage in professional real estate search.

There is good money in this sector, but you need to have the required experience and network to make money.

Interestingly, even if you start a real estate agency as a complete newbie, you are very likely to find a way to start generating a daily income.

Small Business Procurement

This is a sort of hidden business but with a very large and willing market. 

Many small businesses today, especially in retail, require procurement for fast moving goods and high-profit goods so as to stay competitive.

Most distributors would usually play this procurement role, but there is still room for savvy business people to set up small business procurement services and market it to small businesses within their geographical area or industry.

The biggest opportunity area lies in procuring local products from local manufacturers, as these items tend to have the highest profit margins for small businesses.

Social Media Marketing Agency

If you are social media savvy, then you should be selling your skills and making money on a daily basis.

It is interesting to know that as easy and intuitive as social media is, many people still struggle to navigate their way, especially businesses trying to sell a product or grow a brand.

You can create a social media agency off the bat and start pitching your services to businesses and brands operating in your coverage area.

You might not get daily deals, but this can be a way to earn consistent income doing just what you love.

Mobile Food Vending

This is the most no-brainer daily income business on this list.

Every time someone has asked me for a quick business idea, I always ask them to do mobile food vending. And this includes drinks.

Many people are sleeping on the opportunity that comes with selling drinks / juice / smoothies. 

I had a particular neighbor that was making and selling fruit juice at a particular joint in Lagos, and was able to raise funds that enabled him to relocate abroad.

He was making a respectable income on a daily basis just by blending fruits and making juice.

If he could, then you too can.

Educational Rentals

Educational rentals is a very lucrative industry that can be generating very good income for you if you know where to look.

A lot of schools today do not have the funds to procure or manage some educational equipment, so they just rent.

With the growth of technology, many schools today are now compelled to incorporate technology into their learning processes so as to impress parents and attract new students.

Some of the educational equipment they rent include:

  • Educational tablets for kids
  • Intuitive learning boards
  • Educational games
  • Sports machines and tools

Your job is to find schools or learning centers that are in need of educational rentals and match them with appropriate learning tools and equipment.

And you could be earning a cool daily commission just for a one-time effort.

Social Pawnshop

Pawn Shops have gone digital these days. You no longer have to set up a pawnshop or pantaker to flip used items.

With social media marketing groups, you could buy items cheaply from friends and resell them on other classified platforms.

Heck, you could even flip the items on the same social media platform and make a healthy profit.

I remember selling my gym equipment for cheap when I was relocating one time, and the guy who bought the item from me resold it and made over 300% profit.

Imagine buying furniture for 10k on facebook and reselling it for 30k on Jiji with just a little marketing budget.

Do that for many other items and you could be raking in a consistent daily income.

Fuel Reselling

Contrary to many opinions, reselling fuel in Nigeria isn’t a business for illiterates. 

Yes, it could be a dirty business, but could also be a daily income spinner if you position the business properly.

As funny as it may sound, fuel scarcity in Nigeria isn’t going anywhere soon even if Dangote builds 10 refineries.

The corruption and bureaucracy would just not allow fuel to sail smoothly to end consumers.

So, what do you do about it?

You may as well set up your fuel reselling business and start making a daily income from the whole organized chaos.

Mobile Laundromat 

A fast-moving business that targets the upwardly mobile population, and definitely a money spinner for savvy businesses.

The interesting thing about starting a mobile laundromat is that you don’t even have to be a washer man or own any laundry equipment.

It takes more of a marketing approach where you help customers access laundry services that they otherwise might not be disposed to using.

All you have to do is collect dirty clothes, tag them properly, send them to your favorite laundromat, and then pick and deliver.

You get paid per job delivered and can simply decide how much you earn on a daily basis.

Fashion Reselling

This is actually one of the coolest ways to make a consistent daily income in Nigeria, especially if you are a fashion enthusiast.

The truth is that fashion is cheap and can be costly at the same time. It all depends on where you do your shopping.

This price disparity then means that there is an opportunity for arbitrage, where you buy cheaply and sell costly at an upmarket.

I know of a particular family friend who made millions selling fashion products. All he did was buy first-hand cheap clothes, package them well and sell at a profit not less than 5k each.

At a time, he even had to set up an Instagram store and was heavily invested in digital marketing to keep the sales coming in.

The idea of making consistent daily income with reselling fashion products is to find the right markets and buyer clusters. 

Know exactly what they want and consistently give them just that.

Bonus: Boot Sales

Boot sales are one of the fastest ways to make money anywhere.

With boot sales, all you need is a good position where there are a lot of foot traffic, and with a fast-moving product.

The best products to sell via boot sales are household electronics, packaged foods, and services.

And the most interesting part of it all is that you don’t even have to own the products.

You can either strike a sales deal with a wholesaler where you are their retail partner, or you can make a down payment and get some products for free.

You’ll also need a car or bus to convey the products too. After all, what’s a boot sale without a vehicle?




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