How to Make 5k Daily Income with Opay in Nigeria

Looking to make at least 5,000 Naira daily income with simple tasks in Nigeria? Opay can help you achieve that.

Opay is one the biggest fintechs in Nigeria right now. They are not just a platform for payments, but also a platform for savvy people to make money on a daily basis.

Opay has pioneered several features to make giveaways and cashbacks to their users, but they have also created avenues for users to market their products and make money on a daily basis.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can start marketing Opay services and make passive income daily, no matter where you are located in Nigeria, and what you do.

You could be a student, an entrepreneur, or a corporate worker, but if you put in some effort, you can start making some good money with Opay.

Let’s dive in.

Opay Referral Link

Do you know that once you signup with Opay, you are given a referral link that you can use to invite new users to the platform and earn money?

Opay makes it possible that you can just blast your referral link to your contact list straight from your phone. Easy Peasy.

No need to copy any link or do any complex online tasks. Just click a button, and your contact would be invited. The more signups you get, the more you can earn.

How to Earn with Opay

To start earning on Opay, you first have to share your referral link, then encourage those who signup to use some of Opay services.

That means that you have to qualify every user you refer to the Opay platform. I think that makes sense, as the user is able to try out Opay services and see if they like them.

So, for every service your referee tries out on the Opay app, you earn a specific amount. There are compulsory tasks which your referee must partake in, and there are optional tasks they can partake in if they like.

But the good thing is that you earn a bonus amount for every step your referee takes.

The tasks include updating their KYC, which is necessary to use any fintech product in Nigeria, and adding any amount to their Opay wallet, which is necessary to use Opay services such as airtime recharge or bill payments.

I think these compulsory tasks are easy enough for any serious person you refer, to do if they want to at least try out Opay and see if they like the services.

Apart from the compulsory tasks, your referee must also participate in one of four of the optional tasks of:

  • Investing at least 500 Naira in Owealth
  • Pay with CreditMe
  • Pay with EaseMoni
  • Take a loan from Okash

How Much can you Make with Opay?

For each task your referee undertakes on the Opay app, you get a bonus amount called a Cashback. These cashbacks differ, depending on the tasks undertaken.

For compulsory tasks such as updating KYC and adding money, you get to earn 100 Naira and 50 Naira respectively.

For the optional tasks, you get to earn 150 Naira each, except for Owealth investing, which gives you a bumper bonus of 400 Naira.

For each user you refer to the Opay app, you get to earn a maximum of 550 Naira from a combination of tasks performed by the new user.

How to Earn at Least 5k Daily with Opay

You can start earning at least 5k daily on Opay by referring just 10 persons to earn a bonus of 500 Naira each or 9 persons to earn 550 Naira each.

All they have to do is perform at least 4 tasks, or use at least 4 of Opay feature services on the app. The more services they use, the more they can help you max out your referral earnings.

It may not be easy though to sustain 10 referrals daily just from your contact list alone, so you might need to move to other platforms to recruit new users.

Social media, forums, offline groups, etc can be a good source of referral traffic that you can move to your Opay money-making marketing machine.

All in all, if you put in the work, making money on Opay should not be a difficult task, as the hurdles for earning on the platform are not so hard to achieve.

Other Ways to make Money With opay

Apart from making money on Opay via referral, there are other ways you can earn on the platform either by investing or advertising products.

Earn Passive Income With Owealth

Owealth is the investment arm of Opay, where users can save or invest, and earn passive income.

With Owealth, you can earn a return of up to 15% of your investment, which is payable daily.

The good thing about Owealth is that it is designed like a savings account where you can deposit money or withdrawal money at anytime.

So, it’s a kind of liquid investment vehicle with no obligation whatsoever to keep your money on the platform.

Become a Payment Merchant

Opay offers a bouquet of more than 10 payment services on the app.

The good news is that you can resell any of the services and make money from it.

Many people in Nigeria don’t have access to the internet or even access to these click-to-pay services.

These services include electricity bill, TV subscriptions, school and exam payments, etc.

All you need to do is set up a merchant service that helps people pay for these services and charge a commission for your efforts.

Opay also gives a discount for using these payment services, so that means you can earn both ways.


Opay has their official merchant platform and POS services, which anyone can subscribe to if they want to start a full-time business on the Opay platform.

However, there is still chance for those looking to make money part-time by offering one-off services through the platform.

Opay is constantly updating their service offerings, so it is best to download the Opay app and always check for any new update so as to serve customers better.




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