22 Ways to Earn At Least 2k Daily As A Student In Nigeria

Most students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria would do anything to earn 2k Naira daily. That is a respectable 60k Naira per month.

For many students in Nigeria, that can go a long way in helping them pay their bills and live a comfortable lifestyle while studying.

If you’ve ever heard of the acronym “study and earn” and you want to be a part of those that benefit from it, then this article is for you.

There are many students who don’t believe that they can earn money while studying in school. There are many reasons for this. Some students do not want to be distracted from their studies. Also, some students do not have the required skill to get a respectable job while studying at a tertiary institution.

But what if I told you that you can make money on the side without too much effort or distractions from your studies and school work?

What if you could just put in 2 hours per day on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends to make 60k Naira per month?

It is possible.

You just have to know how to manage your time, get the required skill and resources, and believe that you can do it. Everything you need to start making at least 2k Naira daily lies below. Who knows, you could even make more than that if you find something you can do really well with minimal effort.

So, without much ado, let’s look at some of the many ways you can earn at least 2k Naira daily as a student in Nigeria. 

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    Freelance On Fiverr

    Freelancing is a great way to earn residual income as a student, and you’d get to practice and improve your skill while making money. Fiverr is one of the best places to sell your skill and make money passively. 

    It doesn’t matter the skill you have. Be it programming, graphic design,writing, music production, academic tutorials, etc. You can sell virtually anything on fiverr if you put your mind to it. 

    Imagine if you sell your skill for as low as $5 and you get just one sale per day, you can comfortably make 2k Naira per day or 60k Naira per month. It’s that straightforward. 

    Sell On Jiji

    Jiji is so underrated for making money in Nigeria. It is like a marketplace where thousands of buyers come to spend their money on things they value. As a student, you can take advantage of this platform and earn some cash on a daily basis.

    You could sell your unused items or even help others sell theirs. One great idea for making money on Jiji is to find what people are buying most on the platform, then you go and source for those items in your local market. 

    You can strike a deal with a local seller, get some of the product images posted on Jiji, and start making sales. Imagine that you have a markup of 1k on the price of each item, you just need to sell 2 items per day to make 2k Naira every single day.

    Loan Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is profitable, and can be a great source of passive income if you know what you are doing. But the problem is that most affiliate marketing is about getting people to spend money on products, which is hard to do.

    So, why not try loan affiliate marketing which is easier to do. You just have to convince people to take a loan and pay back at the right time. Most loan apps in Nigeria offer affiliate marketing, but the best one I recommend is carbon. 

    Carbon is formerly Paylater, and they are one of the best loan companies in Nigeria. You just need to install their app on your android or iphone, sign up with them and get your affiliate link. You can always share your affiliate link to your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp, and convince them to take a loan and pay back on time.

    For each new loanee you bring, Carbon pays you 500 Naira. So, to make 2k Naira per day, you’ll have to bring 4 people everyday to use carbon.

    Job Hunt On Twitter

    Most people do not know that Twitter is not only good for banter and gossip. It’s also a great platform to sell your skill or your products. I have sold a lot of my skills, products, and ideas on Twitter. I’ve also gotten clients from far away countries like the UK and Canada to patronize me.

    So, if you have anything you think can be of value or  benefits to people, just hop unto Twitter and advertise it. If you are looking for a quick job that you can deliver digitally without meeting in person, Twitter is also a great place to job hunt.

    Imagine that you get just one person per day on twitter to pay you just 2k for your skill or product, then you can be earning as much as 60k Naira even as a student.

    Resell Mobile Data

    Everybody is on the internet these days. Billions of Naira are spent on mobile data daily to communicate on social media and keep abreast of global news. But do you know that people who sell mobile data are cashing out on a daily basis? That’s right. But the truth is that you too can do the same.

    You can make a daily profit of at least 5k selling mobile data if you know what you are doing. You just have to build a brand from your close circle and then grow from there. You can start from a WhatsApp group or from your department in school. If your price is lower than what is offered by the telecoms companies, then you’ll surely get some people to patronize you.

    Start A Paid WhatsApp Class

    A paid WhatsApp class is a great way to sell your skills. There are many students who are willing to pay for a tutorial class online to learn a subject. You could organize a WhatsApp class for Jamb students, GCE Students, as well as other skill-based classes like graphic design and video production.

    Some students have money and are willing to invest it in their education or skill acquisition. You can be the person to help them achieve that. Simply find something you are really good at or passionate about, and teach it.

    If you charge 1k Naira per month, and you have 2 students joining your class per day, you can easily earn 2k Naira per day doing what you know how to do best.

    Create And Sell Instagram Accounts

    If you are sociable and can create viral contents, then you can easily build an Instagram account that goes viral. This is a business of the 21st century, and anyone can do it, even you as a student.

    All you have to do is create an Instagram account in a popular niche, and create interesting contents on the account. Also make use of popular hashtags to increase views on your contents. Once you are able to grow your followership to around 20k followers, you can flip the Instagram account for cash.

    How much you earn will depend on how fast you can grow your followership on the Instagram account, but you can make good money doing this, especially if the niche or category is an interesting one.

    Become A Digital Marketer

    Digital marketers are the golden goose of the internet. They make things happen and they earn their fair worth in earnings. The good thing is that anyone can become a digital marketer, even students.

    All you have to do is know how to organize adverts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Any additional knowledge about selling on local platforms would be an added advantage.

    You can make as much as 10k per day by helping people run adverts on facebook and Instagram. If you can land a big client or company, you would make even more than that. But the main idea is to be skilled in helping businesses make sales or grow their audience. If you can do this with proofs, it wouldn’t be long before you’ll be recognized as the biggest boy/girl on campus.

    Become A Fashion Affiliate

    Fashion affiliate marketing is the in-thing now for many students on campus. It’s the fastest way to sell fashion products right now, especially if you are a student.

    So, how does fashion affiliates work? Simple. You must first be a fashionable person. You must like fashion and love to show off good fashion wears. Then, you find a cheap seller of good fashion clothes, buy them cheaply and then wear and show them off.

    When friends or others ask you how to get any fashion you wear, simply sell them your own for double the price you bought it or even more.

    Just imagine that you bought a very nice hoodie for just 800 Naira, and then someone says he likes it and wants to buy that type of hoodie. What do you do? You simply sell them that hoodie for 2k or 3k and then go back and get a new one for yourself. 

    You can do this for several other fashion products such as head warmer, event dress, ankara wears, hand bags, eye glasses, shoes, etc. 

    Become An Academic Writer

    Are you a bookworm? Do you love studying and solving academic problems? If yes, then this is the right gig for you. Becoming an academic writer is a great way to improve your research skills and also your focus on education. But the main point is that you’ll be well paid doing just that.

    Academic writers are paid well, but the job can be demanding. Well, what better way to prepare for your school work and the labour market after that? 

    To become an academic writer, you can start by advertising in your hostel, your campus religious organization, or your department. Once people start to recognize you as an academic writer, they’d start bringing their projects and term papers for you to write.

    You can also advertise your academic writing skills on Fiverr, where there are thousands of people willing to hire you at a very impressive fee. Though, you must have some samples of academic work you’ve written before as proof that you are capable of doing the job.

    Run Errands & Delivery

    This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on campus as a student. If you have no skill or product to sell, you can offer your time in return for cash. There are many people on campus or its environs who are willing to pay for someone to run errands for them. You just have to advertise yourself to be seen.

    To advertise your errand and delivery services, simply print your services in black and white on A4 paper and distribute them. You could also go to estates or residential houses around your school environment. Knock on doors and ask them if you can help them do any delivery or errands.

    Many people would be pleased to see a student willing to work for some money, and they may even tip you if you do a very good job.

    Start A Laundry Business 

    Are you good at washing clothes and getting stains off textile materials? Do you enjoy washing clothes at all? If yes, then you can offer your services to people.

    There are many people who hate washing clothes. Some are too busy to wash, while others do not just want to invest their time in that chore. You can help them do that and get paid handsomely for that.

    Washing a shirt which takes just around 2 minutes would usually cost 200 Naira or more. If you can wash just 10 clothes per day, then you can earn 2k Naira daily. Other materials like Jeans, Suits, Blanket, Bed sheet, and Curtains would cost more to wash. Blankets cost about 1k Naira to wash. So, if you can wash just 2 blankets per day, you can make 2k Naira daily.

    Another niche to look at is Rug washing. People pay a significant amount of money to wash their rug. It cost between 2k and 5k to wash a rug, depending on the size. So, you just need to wash one rug a day to make 2k daily and 60k monthly.

    Become A Hostel Agent

    A lot of students do not know that they can become hostel agents and make money off helping other students get accommodation. There are hundreds of students willing to pay someone to help them get a befitting place to stay, so why not be the one to help them and get paid for it?

    If you have been in school for more than a year, then it means that you know the terrain and can locate hostels with vacant rooms. Use that knowledge and experience to your advantage and make money.

    A hostel agent can make anywhere between 20k and 30k per accommodation rented. So, if you can help just one student get an accommodation per week, you can make between 80k to 120k per month. That will be impressive earnings for a student. 

    Print & Sell Past Questions & Answers

    Past questions are highly sought after by students, especially freshers. It is a booming business and one that will never cease to exist. Most students believe that by having a past question of a particular course, they can familiarize themselves with how exam questions are set.

    This is an opportunity area, and one that doesn’t require too much capital. All you have to do is find past questions of past years for some particular courses, pay some intelligent students to answer the questions, and then photocopy the questions and answers into a booklet.

    A past questions & answer booklet can be sold for around 300 to 500 Naira. If you spent 100 Naira photocopying one booklet, it means that you can make between 200 to 400 Naira in profits. The most important thing is that you can print/photocopy as many booklets as possible and continue selling.

    The more you sell, the more you reprint to sell again. You can make between 50k to 80k Naira doing this business if you are serious and know what you are doing.

    Become An Interior Decorator

    This is a hidden business that I see many students indulging in. An interior decorator is someone that simply beautifies homes. But in the context of students on campus, interior decorators simply paint the wall of the room with unique designs.

    The more unique paint designs you have, the more customers you’ll get to patronize you. Most students on campus love catchy wall designs and would pay to have someone give their room an eye-catching design.

    To paint a student room, you can earn as low as 5k and as high as 20k. The more beautiful your designs are, the more people will ask about you and the more referral you can get. 

    Become A Social Media Manager

    Are you someone who likes to communicate on social media? Do you have an eye for viral contents? Are you jovial and fun? If yes, then you can become a social media manager. 

    Many companies are willing to pay someone like you to manage their social media pages, and they pay handsomely for that. You can do this business on the side, and it would be a really good way to spend your time on social media while earning money for it.

    To find a company to hire you as a social media manager, you must first be active on social media, post some viral stuff and show off your social media skills.

    On your bio, be sure that you put your contact details and mention that you are a social media manager looking for a job. You’ll get a lot of interested persons and companies reaching out to you. It will now be left to you to make a choice.

    Download & Sell Movies

    Many students on campus do not have the finances to buy digital satellites like DSTV and GoTV. They also do not have the large data required to download movies online. A lot of them depend on their friends to share movies with them. 

    But the problem is that many of their friends who are students may be limited in terms of their movie collection and update. Here is where you come in. You have to download all the latest movies, from Nollywood and Bollywood, to Hollywood.

    You can transfer movies to people via sharing apps like Xender. A movie transfer can cost around 50 Naira, and one person can collect about 10 movies at a go. This gives you a profit of 500 Naira.

    Imagine if you can do this for just 4 persons per day. You can earn 2k Naira in pure profit daily and 60k per month. And you’d still have all the movies sitting on your phone, waiting for the next customer. If your phone memory is too small, you can invest in an external hard drive and continue doing your movies business.

    Become An Electrician

    Electricians are highly sought after in student campuses across the country. A lot of problems could require the services of an electrician, from small power outages to minor electrical installation.

    If you are a trained electrician and have the required skill for electrical works, then you can profit from this need. You only need to invest in your electrical tool box and do some local advertising to get people to know you.

    Before long, you’d be getting calls from people to help them repair one fault or the other, and they would pay you for it. 

    On the average you can earn between 1k to 5k Naira per job, depending on the complexity of the job. If you get 2 jobs per day, you could easily earn 100k per month doing this on the side.

    Help Students Sell Old Properties

    The saying, “soldier go, soldier come, barracks remain” is so true in many tertiary institutions. Every year, students graduate and leave the campus while new students come in. 

    However, old students do have a lot of properties that they might not need going into the next phase of their lives. Some graduating students may be living in a far away state, which means that the cost of transporting their properties home might even be higher than the value of that property. So, most times, they prefer to sell their properties instead.

    Here is where you come in. You can help these old students sell their properties to new students who want to buy properties cheaply. This is a big market in many tertiary institutions today, but few people recognize it.

    As a middle man, you can earn around 1k Naira as commission for selling a property. The more expensive the property, the more you can earn. You could even build a website for this and target it to your campus only, where you sell used properties for students.

    Buy, Mix & Sell Perfumes

    I know a particular student who bought a car just by selling perfumes on campus. He was the biggest perfume seller in his university, and many people recognized him as a seller of high quality perfume.

    That is why I’m adding this business to the list. 

    The name of this student is David. The most profound thing about him was that he was doing well in his academics as well. So, his perfume business didn’t affect him at all. 

    What he does is to buy fragrances in large quantities, dilute them with quality oils and repackage them in small bottles. His perfumes were high quality and very affordable, but he makes an average of 500 naira profit from each bottle.

    On a bad day, he makes about 25,000 Naira in pure profit, and he has people selling for him. So, imagine how profitable this business can be if you know what you are doing.

    You have to learn the business though and know the tricks of the trade before going fully into it. But the opportunity is massive and you can make good income from it, even as a student.

    Become A Generator Repairer

    Due to the power outage situation in the country, a lot of students own generators. They need light to read, do their assignments, and for entertainment. But they also need to service their generators often or make small repairs once in a while.

    Here is where a generator technician comes in. 

    If you are good at repairing generators, you’ll have a handful of customers on a daily basis calling you to either service, diagnose, or repair their generator. You could earn between 500 to 2k Naira offering your generator repair service.

    Become A Photographer

    Contrary to popular opinion, photographers earn a lot of money in Nigeria, especially if they are on campus. Female students on campus take digital photographs on a daily basis and pay for it. Not to talk of the many student beauty pageants organized on campus these days.

    So, as a photographer on campus, the opportunity to earn good money is there. You just have to find your niche and be very good at what you do.

    If you can add video event recording to your list of services, you’ll get a larger customer base willing to pay for your services. You only have to make sure that the workload isn’t too much, that it affects the quality of your service or your studies.


    Making money as a student is not as difficult as most students would like to think. The problem is that many students do not know how to manage their time. But it is not impossible to earn a legitimate income as a student.

    All you have to do is find ONE THING that you are absolutely good at and can passionately deliver without wasting too much time and resources.

    If you can do this, then you’ll consistently earn at least 2k Naira daily and even more by helping others solve their problems or fulfill their needs.

    Being a student does not limit you in any way, it also does not limit your earning capacity. You don’t have to wait until you graduate to be resourceful or to earn an income with your skills. You can start right now from where you are, even as a student.




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