How To Make Money As A Student Campus Ambassador With UBA

Are you currently a student of a recognized tertiary educational institution in Nigeria? Are you sociable? Do you like engaging in social activities on campus? If yes, then you can make money as a UBA Campus Ambassador.

The UBA Campus Ambassador program is designed for students who want to kickstart their career by developing the leadership and career skills needed to survive in the labour market. These skills include marketing, public speaking, event organization, people management, and other soft skills. UBA wants to help Nigerian tertiary education students acquire these skills while they earn monthly stipends on the side.

Requirements To Become A UBA Student Ambassador

To be eligible as a UBA student ambassador, you must first be a legitimate student of a tertiary educational institution in Nigeria. Then you have to open a UBA NextGen Account, which will qualify you to apply as a student ambassador.

The ideal student for this UBA Ambassador role is someone who is familiar with a host of UBA products and programs, especially those targeted at students and youth. The ideal candidate must also be sociable and should be actively involved in campus social activities. 

In addition, a strong social media presence would put you top of the list due to the marketing appeal. If you have a popular Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube channel with lots of followers, then you’ll likely be chosen as a student ambassador for UBA.

Preferred Course of Study As A UBA Student Ambassador

Even though UBA doesn’t stipulate the exact type of student they require for their student ambassador roles, some students studying specific courses would be more preferred than others. 

Students studying the below courses may have an advantage:

  • Marketing
  • Banking & Finance
  • Accounting
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • All Engineering courses

Generally, if you are in the faculty of management sciences or engineering, then you might have an advantage to become a UBA student ambassador.

UBA Student Ambassador Roles

The role of the UBA student ambassadors is a very interesting one. Firstly, you will be required to introduce UBA’s products to friends, family, and your social circle. As an ambassador, you will be required to be a representative of the UBA brand and its bouquet of products.

This means that you will be responsible for enlightening others about UBA products, helpUBA understand students banking needs and social trends, provide visibility for UBA’s products in campus events and social communities, lead UBA’s marketing and brand awareness initiatives within the campus, and help build relationships with the several teaching, non-teaching, and student leadership units on campus.

In other words, as a UBA brand ambassador, you will be a figurehead for the UBA brand and be willing to dedicate time and resources into helping UBA build visibility, brand awareness and sales for its products targeted at students and youth demographic. 

Benefits As A UBA Student Ambassador

Apart from the monthly payment you will earn as a UBA student ambassador, you also develop necessary leadership and creative skills through periodic training organized by UBA. You will also get free data subscriptions to support your on-campus and online student engagement activities.

All ambassadors will get VIP tickets to all UBA sponsored events across the country, with opportunities for networking and collaborating with others towards future career opportunities. On the other hand, UBA also provides career advisory and mentorship for all its ambassadors to accelerate their career development.

Through this mentorship, student ambassadors will learn about the career opportunities available at UBA and work towards future employment. Students who choose to pursue careers in other fields will have the privilege of including their UBA NextGen ambassador experience in their CVs, as an added advantage.

How Much Money Will UBA Student Ambassadors Earn?

Students will get to earn a monthly stipend as pocket money for one year. Although UBA doesn’t stipulate the exact amount they pay to their student ambassadors, it is believed to be around 30,000 Naira per month.

Students may also get sales commissions for selling UBA products across campus, as well as travel stipends for UBA organized events.


This opportunity is a no-brainer for any serious student wishing to make money on campus. There is no other opportunity that is more beneficial for a Nigerian student than the UBA ambassador role. You get to accelerate your career development, build necessary job skills, get first hand access to UBA career opportunities, and still get paid.

If you like meeting and talking to people, and you are active on social media, then you should apply for this. Imagine if your combined earnings as a UBA student ambassador hovers around 40k to 50k per month. Remember that there are so many graduates out there that are not even earning up to that. So, use your privilege as a student and make money while developing yourself for your future career.




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