How To Make Fast Money In Nigeria Without Capital

Need to make money fast today, like right now? Maybe you have an urgent bill to pay or a financial commitment to make and you need to make some quick bucks to that effect. Can you really make money quickly in Nigeria? What if you don’t have any capital on you at the least?

Well, you can quickly make money anywhere, even in Nigeria if you know how to create value. People pay for value, and money will always pursue anything that is valuable.

So,how do you quickly make money in Nigeria right now even if you don’t have capital?

There are a few guaranteed ways to make money fast right from where you are with what you have. You only have to apply the methods below: 

Sell Your Skill

When someone tells you to sell your skill, what comes to your mind? Do you go looking for a job? Do you create a job for yourself? Do you start marketing your abilities? 

It all depends on what stage of your life you are at.

I remember the first time I decided to sell my skill online. I wasn’t broke, but I just really wanted to experiment on the idea of selling my skill online. 

I logged on to Upwork, registered and verified my profile, wrote a devastating bio, and started applying for jobs in my niche. In one week, I had made my first $100 online.

The joy of selling my skill online and earning money from it made me go ahead and open a fiverr account as well, and so far, I have made over $15,000 on fiverr

Since then, I am always on the lookout to sell my skill anywhere I find myself. Elsewhere, I have been able to successfully sell my skill on Jiji, Nairaland, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and even this blog.

If I can make $100 in just one week as a newbie by selling my skill, then you can do the same if you are serious about getting results.

So, if you need quick money right now, go ahead and package any skill of yours and sell it to people who need it, whether online or offline.

Sell Derivatives Of Your Skill

For a few exceptional business-minded people, selling their skill isn’t just enough. They create derivatives of their skill that will keep making them money even while they sleep. The idea is to make your skill timeless, boundless, and limited.

For example, if you were a skilled portrait artist and you charge 40k Naira per work which takes approximately 20 hours to do. This means that you can realistically finish one job in 2 days and 3 jobs in a week if you don’t take much rest. If you take enough rest, you would be able to complete just 2 jobs per week.

That means by selling your portrait painting skill, you can make 80k Naira per week or 320k Naira per month. This means that there is a limit to what you can earn per month. For example, no matter how hard you work, you can’t make 1 million Naira per month.

But when you create and sell derivatives of your skill, you can put systems in place to make as much money as you want. If you hire other skilled artists and produce portrait paintings en masse, you can increase your earnings exponentially.

Just last weekend, I got an email from Amazon that payments for books sold were being sent to my Payoneer account. Apparently, the sales happened in December and I didn’t even know because I usually do not bother about checking my KDP sales. I only want to see payments.

So, imagine in December while I downed tools and was enjoying fried chicken, my paperback book, which is a derivative of my skill, was selling on the largest global marketplace. That is passive income at its finest.

You can make money fast by creating derivatives of your skill in many industries, such as fashion, programming, writing, etc.

To show you how potent this method is, I created a website for just 2k Naira and sold it for millions.

Sell An Asset

For those who actively hold assets, they can quickly make money on a whim. For me, whenever I need money urgently, my default thinking has always been to look for an asset to sell. However, it is mostly painful to sell assets because they are appreciative in nature. 

I believe selling assets should be a last resort to raising money quickly. Until you have exhausted all other options, don’t think of selling your asset.

So, what are assets really?

Assets are properties, items, or commodities that either appreciate in value or bring comfort to your life. With this definition, an asset can be a house, a car, a laptop, a mobile phone, a cryptocurrency, a business, a website, jewelry, a home property, etc.

Instead of selling your asset to make quick bucks, I recommend the below option instead.

Sell A Property You Don’t Need

This is a great alternative to selling your assets. An asset could generate enough money to buy more assets and grow your wealth. The same cannot be said of a property that is of little value or use to you.

So, selling a property you don’t need is one of the best ways to quickly make money or raise capital anywhere in the world. Even when you don’t have a need for a property, there are many people out there who might have a need for that same property.

I remember some time ago, I had an urgent need for cash and I didn’t want to be a burden to friends and family. You know what I did? I sold a tablet I hardly used and raised 45k Naira in just 3 days.

I simply advertised it on Jiji and immediately got a flurry of calls from interested buyers. Under 3 days, I was able to meet with one of the serious buyers and brokered a deal. It was quick and sweet.

I had also sold other items this way. I had sold office furniture, home electronics, and an iPhone buy just marketing it on a classified website like Jiji. 

You can do the same to raise quick cash whenever you are in need. Simply look around you for that item or property that when sold would give you the least pain. I have seen someone sell a charger and made a quick 2k Naira. So, don’t think someone would not want an item just because it is not useful to you.

Help Someone Sell Something

There are hundreds of businesses built on the idea of helping other people sell something. And you know what? They are making a killing out of it.

A mentor once said, “If you are broke, then you either do not have anything to sell or you cannot sell.”

This means that even if you don’t have anything to sell, if you are willing and able to sell, you will eventually find something to sell. That is why brokers and agents exist. They help others sell items and get a commission for their effort.

So, if you want to make fast money, but you don’t want to sell your assets or you don’t have any property to sell, then you can take this route.

I remember just last year, I launched a real estate website in my state. All I do is find agents who have real estate properties for rent or for sale. I help them list their properties on my website and then get traffic to the website via facebook ads. Whenever someone rents or buys, the commission is split between the agent and I. 

We have been making good money for months now by using this ridiculously simple business model. And that is just one way to make money from the website. I’m planning to add other features to bring in more revenue.

So, you can make quick money by helping other people sell their items. You don’t have to necessarily do this via a website. You could approach local businesses in your area, take a picture of their product, add a 1k or 2k Naira on top of the price, and advertise it online with platforms like Jiji.

You could be making consistent income this way if you happen to find a hot-selling product that so many people are willing to pay for.


From the titles of all the options I proffered for quickly making money in Nigeria, you can tell that they all have to do with selling. That is because selling something is the best way to make money anywhere in the world.

Businesses sell products and services to make money, and people buy things to live better lives. So, buying and selling is ingrained in every culture of the world. There is no place in the world where you are paid without selling a product or service.

So, if you need urgent cash, you have to sell something. You could sell your old gadget, MC a weekend event, or help a friend sell his car. All-in-all, you need to sell something valuable that is worth being paid for.

Heck, some people even sell their kidneys. Even though I will not advise you to sell your kidney for quick cash, I want to buttress the point that anything is sellable, as long as someone has a need for it. You just have to find and fulfill that need.




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