Investment Ideas

  • 7 Ways to Start Investing With Little or No Money

    Want to start investing but have little or no money to start?  Does this make you feel stuck? Well, it shouldn’t. I know that when most people think about investing, the first thing that comes to mind is putting money to work in order to earn an extra income. Well, that is just one part […]

  • MTN Nigeria To Offer Airdrop For Shareholders in 2023

    MTN Nigeria (MTNN) will offer an exclusive airdrop to its shareholders in 2023. The telecoms giant plans to offer a share of its stock to all of its smallest shareholders in Nigeria. If you have bought an MTNN share in the past year, then you might just be qualified to receive a few extra shares […]

  • Top 8 Dividend Growth Stocks That Will Help You Retire Rich

    After my previous article on types of dividend income that can make you rich, I was impressed by a few tweets from DecadeInvestor and Mark Wlosinski and was inspired to do my research on some of the top U.S dividend growth stocks to buy this year. You see, capital gains is good, but getting periodic […]

  • Top 7 Hedge Funds to Invest Your Money in Nigeria

    Hedge Funds are capital and asset management institutions that help individuals invest their money in vetted investment vehicles. Most banks have hedge funds and portfolio management subsidiaries where they invest the bulk of their idle capital. Hence, you could invest with a hedge fund by visiting one of the major banks in Nigeria, such as […]

  • FBNQuest Review: A One-stop Shop For Portfolio Investing?

    FBNQuest is offering an all-in-one platform where anyone could invest in a diversified portfolio with low to medium risk. Through their investment platform, they are offering investment bouquet for different types of investors with different needs. From accessing top performing securities and investment banking, to asset management and trusteeship. If you are looking for a […]

  • 5 Types of Investments That Will Make You Rich in 2023

    2023 is definitely the year to invest to get rich. You don’t want to just invest for the sake of it, but with a goal to climb up the financial ladder as high as possible. In this post, we’ll look at 5 types of investments that could get you stinking rich. But before we dive […]

  • How to Invest Like a Super Investor & Build Generational Wealth

    Super Investors don’t just invest for the sake of investing. They invest to win, and when they win, they win big! If you take a look at many would-be investors, you’d see that many of them are just choring and scrambling for crumbs. They are either investing to beat inflation or investing to at least […]

  • How to Earn Over 20% ROI Monthly on Your Crypto

    Crypto hasn’t been performing well of late, and many crypto holders are beginning to reassess their financial goals. Investors are looking for how to grow their portfolio via trades and swaps, but is there any other way to grow your funds? Enter Cash flow. Remember that cash flow is better than capital gains.  If you […]

  • 5 Best Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency from Nigeria

    Looking to start investing in cryptocurrency assets from Nigeria and making money on the go? You’re definitely thinking right. It is no gainsaying that cryptocurrency has made more millionaires in the last decade than any other asset class. Crypto seems to have leveled the playing field for investors and those looking to make money on […]