7 Ways to Start Investing With Little or No Money

Want to start investing but have little or no money to start? 

Does this make you feel stuck? Well, it shouldn’t.

I know that when most people think about investing, the first thing that comes to mind is putting money to work in order to earn an extra income.

Well, that is just one part of the equation. Money is just a type of resource that you can invest with, and there are many other types of resources that you can invest with and earn a bountiful return.

If you want to start investing but do not have the money to do so, then you can start investing with other resources, and grow from there.

Here are a few ways to start investing from scratch even if you don’t have enough money to spare right now.

Invest in Publicity

The fastest way to make money without money is to either sell yourself or sell a product. 

That is publicity.

Find a valuable product or service that you can offer and invest the time and effort in publicizing that product or service.

If it’s actually as good as you think, people would pay you for it.

Invest in Partnerships

No man is an island, and no one can achieve greatness all by themselves.

If you don’t have enough money to invest, then you can partner with others and pool resources towards investing.

You could pool funds, pool ideas, pool facilities, or just about anything that helps you create the business or investment outcome that you desire.

Recently, I’ve been quite interested in partnerships, learning from and giving to others, and I see huge potential in terms of financial rewards.

Invest in Skills

Nothing beats having the requisite skills to succeed in a particular undertaking.

Skills are like money magnets. The higher the skill level you attain, the higher level of wealth you can attract.

Hence, investing in skills means investing in the potential to make wealth.

If you then do not have the money to invest, investing in the right relevant skills should be your next best bet.

Invest in Industry Knowledge

I heard the owner of one of the top betting companies in Nigeria speak about how he started his betting company with almost no money because he was armed by strong industry knowledge.

Many other investors have tried breaking into the betting industry with millions of dollars in warchest but have largely failed.

That is to tell you that where money will fail, knowledge will succeed.

So, if you don’t have money to invest right now, worry not.

Simply continue to put in the right amount of time and effort learning about the industry and what you require to succeed.

In due time, you’ll find applications for the industry knowledge you’ve acquired, and money won’t be able to match it.

Invest in People Who Work With/For You

If you already work with other people in a shared project or a business, then maybe you should start investing by investing in the people you work with.

When you invest in the people you work with, you are indirectly investing in the efficiency of your business or project, which leads to better results and more reward.

You can invest in your associates, your staff, your team, your mentors, your partners, etc.

The result might not be immediate, but you’ll definitely get the people around you sharpened up and fired up to deliver better results.

And when the value of your product or service goes up, the price would definitely correspond.

Invest in Technology to Work Less and Earn More

Haven’t you heard? Automation is the way to go for savvy businesses looking for better outcomes.

You may not have the funds to invest big, but maybe you can fund a small technology change for your business or side project.


How can I use technology to automate my work so much that I could work less and even earn more?

Should you purchase SaaS software or invest in productivity tech? Or just automate how you make business expenses?

There are several opportunities to invest in technology that wouldn’t even cost an arm and a leg, but will definitely get your money up.

You only have to look deeply to find them.

Invest in Other Leverages

The big question is, what can you invest that would help you do more with less?

This question will never get old, as it is relevant in almost every sphere.

You need to keep improving your business and investment processes if you want to beat the competition and reap better results.

So, why not invest in leverages if you’ll ever invest at all?

You don’t need to have all the money in the world. All you need to do is find that leverage that gets you better results.

Your scope of leverage can depend on what industry you are, or what business or investment needs you have.

Remember that the rich invest in leverages first before investing money.

They invest in the best legal advisors, best financial planners, best technologies, and even financial hedges to keep their money safe.

Investing cash is only but a small part of the equation, and that is the mentality that keeps the rich investing and winning for years to come.

In essence, if you cannot invest money right now, then find something else worth investing.




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