7 Creative Ways to Invest 1 Million Naira for Fast ROI

Investing 1 million Naira is not as easy as you may want to think. 

Nowadays, with the Naira losing its value, a million Naira Investment could vanish in the twinkle of an eye if you invest wrongly.

So, the best way to invest 1 million Naira is to get a little creative and find businesses that could start giving you returns almost immediately.

A million Naira Investment that returns 50k Naira in the first month is better than one where you have to wait for months to get your first return on investment.

So, in this article, we’ll be looking at some creative ways to invest a million Naira for Fast returns.

Let’s dive straight in.

Tricycle Hire Purchase

I really love transportation business, and this one is pretty straightforward.

You purchase a brand new or clean used tricycle, that costs at most 700k Naira, get someone reputable to drive-to-own it, and get your daily returns.

From the day you get invested, you could start earning in a matter of days, depending on how fast you can find someone reliable to sign the deal.

As a matter of fact, you could even use the returns accrued from the first tricycle to get a second tricycle, and continue growing from there.

FMCG Distribution

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are just what they are called. Their demand is high, but the supply chain is somewhat fragmented.

That’s where you come in.

You want to build a supply chain business that helps in moving FMCGs faster and more efficiently.

You’d need a vehicle, either hired or owned, and a contract with any FMCG brand factory.

The newer the FMCG brand, the easier it would be to get a contract without paying a huge fee.

You could manage the vehicle yourself, or hire a staff to manage it while you go with them to hunt for new customers.

Most FMCGs would give you a sales markup, where you earn a margin off any goods sold.

But the good thing is that these kinds of goods sell really fast, so you’ll be able to get supermarkets to either purchase a high order if the brand is popular, or to try out a particular new FMCG brand.

The key takeaway is that investing in FMCG distribution could start bringing in serious cash flow in a matter of days or weeks.

As long as you can find the right FMCG brand to distribute, as well as the right staff to work with.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto trading is the new way to print money right now, eh?

I’ve previously written about the emergence of digital aboki exchanges springing up in the wake of the CBN BDC and crypto bans.

But crypto trading is now a recognized way to trade your money online for immediate returns, and having a million Naira would help you go a long way.

You could start trading crypto on any of the P2P crypto trading platforms, such as Binance and Paxful.

Depending on your trading skills, and what market position you take, you could be making as much as 50k Naira per day in profit.

Security Dog Importation

This is one of the best trading businesses you can start with a million Naira.

But there’s a learning curve involved though. You’d need to learn the intricacies of importing animals from abroad as well as the breeds that are in demand.

Due to the security situation of the country, security dogs are in high demand and they sell out in a matter of days, especially puppies.

On the average, a security dog puppy sells for about 100k Naira. They could be imported for way less from countries such as South Africa.

You could either buy male and female adults of the same breed, and breed them for puppy sales, or just import the puppies directly.

The former would be a more profitable venture obviously, but would take more time to yield returns.

So, you can take whatever route that works for you.

Hangout Spot Lease

Do you know that most restaurants and hangout spots in high-brow areas are not run by the owners or lessees of those locations?

What they actually do is, secure a good location for a hangout Spot, give it a catchy name, set the place up right, and get vendors to take spots in the location.

This is a cool way to make money without getting sweaty.

For example, if you find a cool location for a hangout Spot that costs 1 million per year, you get the lease done, furnish the place, give it a good name, and then advertise for food vendors, spirit and drink vendors, barbeque sellers, etc.

The more vendors the better, but they wouldn’t be competing vendors. That means each vendor would be offering a different menu altogether.

If you get 5 vendors in total, and they pay 30k Naira each per month, you’d get a total of 1.8 million per year, which gives you a profit of 800k Naira after paying the rent. 

Now, that’s money working hard for you.

Bespoke Fashion Resale

This is a simple investment where you find the best fashion makers, and get them to help you produce bespoke fashion merchandise.

You could have a contract with a fashion maker where they are paid in bulk to produce a number of fashion products, which you can then brand and sell.

For example, you could pay a fashion maker in Aba 500k Naira to manufacture 1,000 pieces of high-quality white long-sleeve collared shirts.

All you have to do is brand the products and resell for 2k Naira or more to corporate customers.

You’ll almost quadruple your investment doing that.

Invest in a Shoemaking Contract

Just like in the fashion resale business, you could invest in shoemaking as well and make money reselling footwear products.

You could produce footwear in bulk such as palm slippers, sports shoes, corporate shoes, and student shoes.

You’ll have to do your own research to come up with what the market is demanding.

You could also come up with your own design in terms of foot comfort and style.

Contract the shoemaker to manufacture a mix of your designs in bulk and then brand the footwear for resale.




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