7 Ways to Invest Online & Double your Money Within 1 Year

Just last week, I came across a thread on Twitter asking people what they would invest in to grow their money in just one year.

That thread has inspired me to write this article.

So, the question is, how would I Invest to grow my money profitably within one year in Nigeria?

Let’s assume that I had 1 million Naira to invest, what would I Invest in?

Here’s what my portfolio would look like:

Bitcoin (10%)

I would invest 100,000 Naira into Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin is like the gold standard of the crypto world.

And even though I believe Bitcoin is not good for the environment due to its proof-of-work mechanism, I believe it will continue to increase in value.

Its capitalization and churn rates are quite impressive so far.

Ethereum (30%)

I’m actually a strong believer of the Ethereum project. So, I would invest the largest share of my capital with Ethereum.

That is 300,000 Naira.

I’m bullish on Ethereum for the long-term and willing to HODL for more than 10 years even.

Ethereum 2.0 even gives me more confidence. If the change to proof-of-stake works securely, the value of Ethereum could skyrocket.

Altcoins (10%)

Here, I would play around with 100,000 Naira.

There are so many altcoins that have grown in value, even more than the popular cryptos.

Remember the Shibas?

I believe tossing my money around a few altcoins ($hitcoins??) is a risk worth taking with 10% of my capital.

U.S. Dividend Stocks (20%)

I love real businesses.

So, I would invest 200,000 Naira into buying the stocks of a few U.S tech companies.

Tesla, where art thou??!

P2P Lending (15%)

I would invest 150,000 into P2P Lending and see if that works.

There are a few businesses around me that I think if given a soft loan of 50,000 Naira, could really help them grow.

So, I would take that risk.

A 10% interest for a period of 3 months could help me spin my capital four times in a year. 

That would make me a 40% ROI (ideally) within a year.

Domain Flipping (10%)

I would invest another 100,000 Naira into domain flipping.

I love digital businesses due to the potential for exponential profits. So, I’d try to buy some small websites, optimize them, and sell for a healthy profit.

Flippa, I’m coming!

Learn New Digital Skills (5%)

Finally, I would invest in myself.

I strongly believe that personal development is the basis of all human endeavors.

So, I’d put at least 50,000 Naira into learning a digital skill that helps me make more money.

In conclusion, if half of these investments become successful, then I would be able to grow my money at least by half.

Not a bad return for a diversified digital investment strategy.




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