Top 7 Hedge Funds to Invest Your Money in Nigeria

Hedge Funds are capital and asset management institutions that help individuals invest their money in vetted investment vehicles.

Most banks have hedge funds and portfolio management subsidiaries where they invest the bulk of their idle capital.

Hence, you could invest with a hedge fund by visiting one of the major banks in Nigeria, such as UBA, FirstBank, GTBank, etc.

However, most of these bank funded subsidiaries operate independently just like any hedge fund, with some even listed and traded publicly on the Nigerian stock exchange.

If you’re looking for a hedge fund or portfolio management company to invest your money in Nigeria either for the short-term or long-term, then this post will guide you.

Here are some of the top hedge funds and portfolio managers to invest your money in Nigeria.


FBNQuest, formerly FBN Holdings, is an offshoot of Nigeria’s foremost bank, FirstBank.

They operate under the name FBN Asset management, and they offer a variety of fund investment options.

Their investment management services include asset management, wealth management, and alternative investment.

They are popularly known for their money market fund and dollar fund.

AIICO Capital

AIICO Capital is a subsidiary of the popular AIICO insurance, one of the big players in Nigeria’s insurance industry.

AIICO Capital offers equity investment, financial advisory services, and fund management.

They are one solid portfolio management company due to their BBB rating from Augusto & Co.

United Capital

Formerly UBA Capital, United Capital is an offshoot of the popular UBA bank in Nigeria, and is a standalone financial services company that is publicly traded on the Nigerian Stock Market.

United Capital is one of the largest hedge funds in Nigeria, with over 700 billion Naira currently under their management.

Their services include a well-rounded bouquet of portfolio options such as investment banking, asset management, securities, trustees, and wealth management.

To invest with United Capital has been made simple via their InvestNow app, which can be downloaded on the Playstore. 

Guarantee Trust Holding

Guarantee Trust Holding Company (GTCO), formerly GTB asset management and until recently, Investment One.

GTCO as it is, is now an ecosystem of financial services tailored to meet the needs of banking customers.

Via the GTCO fund management arm of the company, investors can invest in a bouquet of portfolio options such as money market fund, guaranteed income fund, equity income fund, dollar fund, etc.

You can invest with GTCO by visiting any of GTCO bank branches nationwide.

Zedcrest Investment Managers

Zedcrest Investment Managers (Zimvest) is a portfolio management company with services focused on fixed income securities trading, asset management, and proprietary investment.

Zimvest is one of the non-banking hedge funds in Nigeria that has vested interest in emerging infrastructure and intellectual property industries.

The company’s mode of operation and services feels like a truly millennial focused investment company.

Most especially with their Zimvest app which investors of varying levels can use to access the company’s investment offers.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is popular for their ease of banking and investment services.

They also offer one of the most popular mutual funds in Nigeria — Stanbic IBTC Bond Fund.

One of the advantages of investing with Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is the high level of diversification of their portfolio.

Their offerings range from standard mutual funds to ethical funds, and other alternative investment portfolios.

They also seem to be very flexible in terms of ease of investing, which allows investors to open an account and start investing directly from their online portal. 

Cordros Capital

Cordros is another non-banking hedge fund and portfolio management company in Nigeria that is fully licensed by the SEC.

They started out as a stock brokerage, but have now diversified into other financial offerings such as mutual funds, insurance, and asset management.

Their foremost investment products are mutual funds allied — Cordros money market fund and Cordros dollar fund.

They are probably still brokers and dealers offering bespoke investment funds of other financial institutions.




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