5 Best Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency from Nigeria

Looking to start investing in cryptocurrency assets from Nigeria and making money on the go?

You’re definitely thinking right.

It is no gainsaying that cryptocurrency has made more millionaires in the last decade than any other asset class.

Crypto seems to have leveled the playing field for investors and those looking to make money on their own terms.

In this article, we’ll look at five of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrency from Nigeria even if you’re a complete newbie.

Let’s dive right in.

Crypto Flipping

Previously, I wrote an article on how to make 20k Naira daily flipping cryptocurrency and that was an absolutely good read.

Crypto Flipping is just another name for day trading cryptocurrency.

Usually crypto flippers buy low and sell high as much as they can on a daily basis in pursuit of profit.

This strategy is best for those who are already cognizant of the trends or know how to analyze price movements.

Altcoins Speculating

Altcoins Speculating came into the fold as early as 2017 after Ethereum, the king of Altcoins, showed tremendous growth.

Since then, crypto investors have begun to put their trust in as many Altcoins as possible.

Some may call them shit coins, but these ‘Bitcoin Alternatives’ have definitely made money for a lot of crypto speculators.

Buying NFTs

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a new way for artists and public figures to create derivatives from their arts.

I wrote a previous article on how to make money with NFTs because I believe that it represents a tremendous opportunity for investors and collectors to make money. 

However, I also believe that buying NFTs is a speculative measure as there are no guarantees of profit. 

NFTs could be a good way to support your favorite artists, personalities, and artworks, with a potential to make some profit.

So, it is best designed for fanatics, passionate supporters, and patient investors who have no immediate need for making money.

P2P Crypto Trades

Behold the rise of Nigeria’s Digital Aboki Exchanges.

These guys are the go-to for most crypto traders looking to either buy-in or sell-out on any cryptocoin. 

The good thing about P2P Crypto trading is that anyone could set up shop and start offering the service.

If you have the right capital, you could sign up to any of the crypto trading platforms and start making money as a verified Digital Aboki.

On the average, these guys make nothing less than 5k daily, which translates to about 100k per month.

Crypto Staking

Binance has already democratized the concept of Crypto Staking.

You could either provide your crypto holding as a form of platform liquidity, and earn a guaranteed ROI.

Or you could offer your crypto holding as a support for newer Altcoins looking to gain traction, in return for a guaranteed ROI.

While crypto staking can be risky while promising a meagre return, it has proven to be one of the more guaranteed ways to earn any return in the crypto space.

So, the ball is in your court to choose which crypto investment pathway is right for you.




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