How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Stocks as your Retirement Plan

Cryptocurrency has come to stay, no matter how much the left media has tried to bastardize it.

The more you wait, the more you’re missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency and change your financial fortune.

In this post, I’m really not going to talk only about how to utilize crypto investment to grow your money, but also as an avenue to preserve the value of your money towards retirement.

Cryptocurrency: The New Gold

In the last decade, the best way to preserve the value of your money was by investing in Gold.

Gold was untouchable and the best way to ensure that the bourgeoisie doesn’t tamper with the fruits of your labour.

But Gold was scarce and wasn’t accessible to everyone. 

To buy Gold from Nigeria, you would have to either risk investing in fake Gold Investment schemes or venture across the Atlantic ocean in search of legitimacy.

But with cryptocurrency, anyone anywhere in the world could invest with just the click of a button.

And not only that.

We are absolutely spoiled for choice in terms of the crypto stocks to invest in.

What a time to be alive.

Long-term Crypto Investing

If you follow the greatest and most successful investors in the world, you would find one thing in common.

They are long-term investors. They are absolutely bullish on their choice of stocks.

They do not just respond to every market noise or let emotions drive their choice of investment.

Rather they invest little per time and stick with it over a long time.

What does this tell you?

You can do the same with crypto. You can copy the greatest investment strategies in the world and replicate it in the world of crypto investing.

Crypto as a Retirement Portfolio

When do you plan to retire?

Next 10 years? In 20 years? In 40 years?

How much would you want to have by then?

How much have you invested towards that retirement goal?

What investment vehicles are you investing in right now? And how secure are those investment vehicles?

In Nigeria, most retirees are left with nothing after investing in a retirement savings account or pension fund.

I’ve heard stories of retired civil servants dying while waiting for their pension to be paid.

It’s so sad that they invested in a scam scheme that is run by the institutions and government that they have so much trusted for years.

Imagine investing for over 40 years and getting nothing in return. It is absolutely a back-breaking, heart-rending, mind-shattering experience I would wish on no one, even my enemies.

Crypto to the Rescue

If you plan to retire in the next 20 to 40 years, you have to plan your retirement differently.

The world is fast going digital, and in the future, paper money will become more useless than it is today.

Digital money is the future, and the best way to secure your future is to invest more into it.

If you could start putting just 5% to 10% of your income into cryptocurrencies, you’ll be shocked at what you can get back in the nearest future.

Just to put that into context, in the last 10 years, the price of Bitcoin grew from just around 50 Naira to over 20 million Naira.

If you had invested just 100 Naira into Bitcoin in early 2010, you would have over 30 million Naira worth of Bitcoin today.

That should show you the law of compound interest in action, and how investing for the long-term could favour you, even if you start investing very little amounts.

Investing in Cryptocurrency as a Retirement Plan

My retirement plan is to create a portfolio of choice crypto stocks that I believe in, and start investing small amounts into them periodically.

In essence, I am a strong crypto HODLer because I believe holding cryptocurrency is less risky than holding Fiat currency.

If you can find a group of decent performing crypto that you believe have a good future, start investing small amounts into them and see how they perform overtime.

You can always reshuffle your crypto index and add or remove cryptos according to performance and future prospects.

Also, you could create a strategy where you always buy the dip inorder to maximize profit.

I’m a strong believer of the future of Ethereum and I love to buy the dip because it helps me maximize my Ethereum profits over the long-term.

I plan to hold Ethereum and other crypto coins over the next 20 years, as I believe a well-planned portfolio such as this would definitely outperform many investment and retirement portfolios out there.

I’ll leave you with a quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

The future is digital and guess what form of money would be useful in a digital world? 

Your guess is as good as mine.




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