Top 8 Dividend Growth Stocks That Will Help You Retire Rich

After my previous article on types of dividend income that can make you rich, I was impressed by a few tweets from DecadeInvestor and Mark Wlosinski and was inspired to do my research on some of the top U.S dividend growth stocks to buy this year.

You see, capital gains is good, but getting periodic dividends just adds some icing on the cake for stock investors.

If you’re looking to invest in some high-growth U.S stocks that pay reasonable dividends, then this article will guide you.

Without further ado, Here are 8 of the best U.S growth stocks that can help you retire rich.

Microsoft – $MSFT

Microsoft holds the rank as the 2nd largest company in the U.S and it shows in terms of how much return it has made over the years.

MSFT boasts an all time return of over 224,000% and a current healthy dividend yield of 1.22%.

Impressively, the stock has averaged a dividend growth rate of 9.82% for the past 5 years.

Realty Income – $O

Realty Income, a REIT stock that pays its dividends on a monthly basis, and has been consistent in paying out.

$O boasts an all time return of over 667%, not quite as high as others on the list but considerable given as it is the youngest stock.

With a current dividend yield of 4.70% that has grown 3.68% on average for the last 5 years, this is one stock to buy and hold.

Home Depot – $HD

A strong favorite of the home improvement industry that is considered to have a strong balance sheet.

$HD boasts an all time return of over 186,000% with an impressive yield of 2.41%.

The biggest deal about this stock is that its dividend growth rate over the last 5 years has averaged 16.38% per year.

Starbucks – $SBUX

There’s no gainsaying that everyone loves Starbucks! 

Here is a company with a strong brand that equally enjoys strong customer loyalty.

$SBUX has also impressively made an all time return of over 31,000%.

With a current dividend yield of 2.03% that has averaged a 13.75% growth rate per year from the last 5 years, this stock could be a no-brainer.

PepsiCo – $PEP

Who wouldn’t want to hold the stock of a global beverage company with leading products in the food and beverage industry?

$PEP doesn’t only boast a strong brand but has made a healthy all time return of 9,000%.

Its dividends have grown impressively at 7.39% per year on the average to reach a current yield of 2.60%.

The wonders of caffeinated sugar!

Waste Management – $WM

A very essential company that boasts a large market share — about one-third (29%) of the U.S landfill waste volume.

Their services focused in North America include waste management, home trash and recycling pickup, and environmental services.  

$WM boasts an all time return of 2,800% with a current dividend yield of 1.69%, paid quarterly.

For the past 5 years, $WM’s dividend has rallied at an impressive average growth rate of 8.87%. 

Tractor Supply Co – $TSCO

A true farm supply retail chain franchise bridging the gap between farmers and the agricultural last mile.

$TSCO boasts an all time return of over 15,000%, which translates to a distributed average return of over 21% in the last 20 years.

In the last quarter of 2022 $TSCO rallied to gain over 14% as its investors smiled to the bank. 

Add to that its current dividend yield of 1.66% and you’ve got more smiles!

Lam Research Corp – $LRCX

A major designer and supplier of semiconductor equipment that boasts a 10.5% share of the industrial machinery and components market.

$LRCX has an all time return of over 19,500%, which translates to a distributed average return of 20.42% over the last 20 years.

This year, $LRCX has started impressively, with its YTD return standing at 7.48%. This gives the impression that a price rally might just be in the horizon.

Not a bad return, especially with its dividend yield of 1.55% being the icing on the cake.


While I considered the reputation of the companies on this list and their stock growth rate over the years, the main qualifying factor was the dividend yield of each stock.

Even though I want to hold a few stocks of some of the most reputable companies in the world, it wouldn’t be bad to also get some passive income while doing so.

You can always reinvest the dividends from these stocks in order to increase your stock holdings, thereby earning more dividends.

Rinse and repeat.




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