How to Get Rich With Crypto in Nigeria Without Investing

I’d always wanted to make money with cryptocurrency but without the associated risks.

I hate the volatility associated with crypto investments but I’ve come to fall in love with the trend.

Between 2018 and 2019, I wrote over 50 crypto white papers for clients on Fiverr,so I know first hand how huge the crypto opportunity is for average investment enthusiasts.

So, the question is, how can you make money with cryptocurrency in Nigeria without risking your money? 

How do you capitalize on the crypto opportunity without playing the game?

In this article, I’ll be showing you my strategy for capitalizing on the cryptocurrency trend in Nigeria and making money without taking any form of risk.

Let’s dive in.

Crypto Information Gap

There are millions of Nigerians who want to get into the crypto industry to invest their money, but they lack the right information to equip them.

I’ve met a few rich people who have the money to invest in crypto but are scared to invest because they do not understand the industry.

Many other people think of cryptocurrency as a fraudulent scheme that is perpetrated by money launderers. 

Even the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele has posited that cryptocurrency is created out of thin air and is a tool used in the dark world because it lacks transparency.

But savvy investors know that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin was built on the premise of promoting transaction transparency and speed among users.

That is to tell you the amount of lack of crypto information that is prevalent in the industry today.

Industry Technology Gap

Apart from the lack of crypto information in the industry, there is also a significant technology gap.

Most interested crypto investors don’t know how to access the right crypto platform or the right tool when investing in crypto.

The speed at which the crypto adoption came means that most enthusiasts do not have sufficient time to adjust with the trend.

Hence, many people have been left behind technologically, especially in countries like Nigeria.

Finding Your Crypto Opportunity

Now that you are aware of the gap in information and technology in the crypto world, how do you capitalize on this and make money?

Recently, I was discussing with a friend about the information gap in the crypto industry in Nigeria and how to capitalize on it.

This friend already has a crypto platform and a coin to his name, but was struggling to achieve patronage.

He sought my advice on how he could overcome his challenge, and I gave him a simple solution.

In this part of the world, our problem is not money. There are many people with money in Nigeria. Our biggest problem is lack of education.

It would surprise you to know that the number of illiterates in Nigeria is more than the number of poor people in Nigeria.

Shocking right?

So, I advised this friend to adopt a different strategy. Instead of trying to convince people to adopt your cryptocurrency and invest in your platform, why not educate them on crypto first and then get them to invest when they are confident enough to make the investment.

Boom. That was it. An idea was born.

This friend of mine started a Crypto School thereafter and has a lot of students willing to pay to learn about crypto and then later make an investment.

A big win for the student, a big win for my friend, and a big win for the crypto industry.

You too can do the same

Just like my friend, you can do the same and make money with your crypto knowledge.

On the other hand, you can capitalize on the technology gap and help people invest in crypto.

There are thousands of crypto investors in Nigeria who do not know what Binance is or how to use it.

If you know how to use Binance, all you have to do is become a middleman. They pay you, you fund your Binance account and buy crypto for them.

There is no simpler way to make money right now in Nigeria.

It would surprise you to know that one of my doctor friends with limited crypto knowledge is currently making money by arbitraging crypto.

You see, he is a trustworthy person and he has a lot of friends who have travelled to India and would need Bitcoin from time to time.

All my friend does is charge them per transaction and then use a crypto service to send them Bitcoin.

He makes nothin less than 5,000 Naira per transaction, and these transactions could be done 20 times in a month. So, he makes nothing less than 100,000 Naira monthly for just 5 minutes of work.

Imagine that.

Building a Crypto Brand in Nigeria

You can take your crypto knowledge and experience one step further by building a brand around it.

Nothing stops you from capitalizing on your knowledge or skill of crypto investing. If you know it, then you should be making money with it.

You can start your own crypto school today or your own crypto fund or crypto exchange.

And most importantly, you don’t even need to have any money to start. You could be making good money with crypto by the end of the year if you can start right now with zero capital.

There is really nothing stopping you.




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