25 Best Investment Apps for Investing in Nigeria

Looking for the best investment apps for stashing away money like a pro?

Want to start investing on the go and make your money work harder than you do?

Looking for mobile apps that can help you save and invest automatically without any paperwork or bureaucracy?

Then look no further.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 25 investment apps for investing in Nigeria.

You could use a combination of them to diversify your investment and get your money growing.

Here’s your list.


Zimvest by Zedcrest group offers investors the chance to invest on the go in Naira and dollar diversified portfolios.

With this app, there’s the option to invest in fixed deposits that pay high ROIs, treasury bills, bonds, and commercial papers with fixed returns.

With Zedcrest, you can start investing like a pro in no time.


Chipper Invest by Chippercash is regarded as the platform for millennial investing.

With Chipper invest, you could start investing in diversified assets such as crypto, U.S stocks, and ETFs.

The biggest advantage of Chipper invest is  the low fees and speed of transaction.

You could get your investment set up in just 5 minutes.


Hervest makes it easy for anyone to invest inclusively by supporting women-owned businesses.

Investors could earn ROIs as high as 15% per annum plus the bragging rights for helping local enterprises reach their goals.

Offers available on the platform include agro businesses, trade businesses, and dollar investment.

Invest now

InvestNow, A Product of United Capital PLC offers a ready-made platform that caters for almost all types of investors.

With the InvestNow app, investors could analyze opportunities, plan, and invest on the go, all on the same platform.

Opportunities on the platform include mutual funds, trust, and stocks.

Pillow Fund

PillowFund is offering investors a hippy way to invest in new opportunities.

With PillowFund, you could start saving and investing on your mobile phone while chilling on your pillow.

They offer a mouthwatering return for their blockchain-powered dollar investment, with investors able to make as much as 15% ROIs.


AltInvest provides a unique and fascinating way for ethical investors to invest.

With AltInvest, you could start investing in businesses and ideas that matter and those that make the most impact in society.

They offer purposeful REITs and ethical bonds with reasonable ROIs that appeal to several religious or moral sentiments.

Investors could earn as high as a 7% ROI.


Bamboo is like the go-to when it comes to investing in U.S stocks from Nigeria.

Investors could start investing in over 500 global companies listed on the NYSE, right from their mobile phone.

The good thing is that all investments on the platform are insured, and you could make withdrawals as quickly as you make deposits for investing.


Piggyvest is arguably the default way for many Nigerian millennials to save their money.

In fact, the piggyvest app is like a dream come true for the ideal saver.

You could save flexibly, lock up your funds, save for different goals, and even get reports based on your financial performance.

And with their competitive ROI, you could just start saving and earning like you’re on holiday.


I-Invest provides one of the most balanced platforms for investors to invest in different asset classes.

Owned by Partisan Partners, an investment broker in Nigeria, investors are guaranteed a well-rounded marketplace for top-tier investment opportunities.

Assets available on the app include fixed deposit, commercial papers, treasury bills, and stock equities.


Trove is the ideal app for beginner investors to test the waters of investing without too much risk.

With as low as 1,000 naira, investors could start investing in local and foreign stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

Assets on the platform are aggregated from U.S, U.K and Nigerian markets.


Cowrywise can be regarded as the mutual funds app for Nigerians.

With Cowrywise, investors could start saving and investing in Naira and dollar denominated mutual funds on the go.

The app utilizes a sort of fractional investing, which allows investors pool funds by investing with as low as 1,000 naira.

What better way to start investing in mutual funds?


Fundall wants to be the all-in-one savings investment app for Nigerians.

With Fundall, investors could start saving and investing in naira and dollars, while performing other financial transactions on the app.

Once you sign up to this app, you might never need any other finance app to get your daily transactions going.


Credpal might be popular for their credit financing services, but investors are smiling to the bank with this app.

With Credpal Invest, investors could earn as high as 18% ROI by just leaving their money on the app.

Plus, investments on the app could help investors qualify for credit to finance their businesses or other personal interests.

Save to say, the more you invest, the more your chances to draw a line of credit to pursue your financial goals.


Fundquest is a CBN licensed fintech that helps investors put their money to work.

Investors funds are utilized towards ventures such as credit advance, leases, and asset financing.

With the fundquest app, investors could invest in stable assets while enjoying competitive ROIs.


Branch isn’t just a payday loan app, but also an app for day-to-day investing.

When I hear of Branch, what comes to mind is my money growing more branches.

The biggest advantage of the Branch app is the ease of use. You could start saving and investing in a matter of minutes.

Plus you get to earn more ROIs the longer your money stays on the app.


Mintyn is the finance app of Finex Microfinance bank, which is licensed by the CBN.

With the Mintyn app, investors are able to save and invest to grow their money by more than 20%.

Investors get to access a bouquet of bank-managed assets, portfolios and services that offer competitive ROIs on the go.


Risevest is an app that helps you invest in a diversified portfolio for guaranteed returns.

With the Risevest app, investors could start investing in U.S stocks, real estate, currencies, and other managed portfolios.

Risevest is regarded as one of the top finance apps for beginner investors, since the app helps investors invest in choice assets without risk.


Chaka is in the same category as Bamboo and trove.

They help investors buy local and foreign stocks and ETFs on the go.

According to Chaka, the app gives investors access to over 4,000 listed investment assets from the Nigerian Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ.

If you’re a stocks investment enthusiast, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice with Chaka.


Fairmoney just like Carbon and Branch is more than just a payday loan app.

They are helping investors put their money to work and earning mouthwatering returns.

With Fairmoney, investors could earn as much as 15% ROI while getting access to an almost unlimited line of credit.

It’s a fair deal if you ask me.


Crowdyvest is the investment arm of the popular farm tech, farmcrowdy.

With Crowdyvest, investors could now invest in ventures other than the agro opportunities which the company is known for.

The app claims that investors could make as much as a 15% ROI while having access to a variety of financial tools to manage their money.

Crowdyvest offers investment into a diversified portfolio of fixed income and high yield assets in agriculture, real estate, and transportation sectors.


Opay might be popular as the viral payments apps for Nigerians.

But Opay gives investors access to put their money to work via their investment arm, Owealth.

With Owealth on the Opay app, investors could invest and earn a return of up to 15% of their investment, which is payable daily.

Plus, you get to use your earnings to access a host of financial services while still on the app.


Carbon, the “paylater” app has evolved to become more than just an app for dishing out loans.

Now, investors can provide fund pools which Carbon utilizes for its business and makes money both for itself and its investors.

With Carbon, investors are able to earn up to 15% ROI just for keeping their funds in the app.

They offer a “vault” feature which even promises a higher return the longer funds are locked up.


Owned By Afrinvest, a foremost African Hedge fund, Optimus wants to provide all the tools and opportunities for investors to start making money on the go.

With the Optimus app, anyone could save automatically and invest in fixed and flexible portfolios of naira and dollar denominated assets.

As a tech managed by Afrinvest, Optimus is guaranteed to offer investors a bouquet of up-to-date well-rounded investment portfolio with competitive ROIs.

SFS Fund 

The SFS Fund app is provided by SFS Capital, a SEC-licensed fund manager in Nigeria.

With the SFS Fund app, investors are able to invest in stable, rated, high-performing security assets to grow their wealth.

Investors get to put funds into assets such as stocks, mutual funds, and indices, with returns paid daily on the app.


Bravewood is a CBN licensed fintech offering investors access to high-yield naira and dollar investment assets.

On the Bravewood app, anyone can set up target investing and start investing to reach their financial goals.

All returns accrued with investment reflects daily on the app, and can be reinvested if the investor so wishes.




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