InvestNow Review: One-stop Shop for Pro Investing?

InvestNow claims to have an “investment made easy” platform that provides almost all investment needs for investors.

With opportunities to invest in mutual funds, trust, and securities, coupled with other financial analysis features, InvestNow wants to bring all your investment needs at your fingertips.

They claim that “all your investment needs are just a tap away” and that once investors get onboarded on their platform, they have “complete control of their investment portfolio.”

In this review, we’ll take a look at the InvestNow features and their offerings to ascertain if they are a good fit to invest with.

A Product of United Capital PLC

Before we move ahead, it is important to note that InvestNow is a product of United Capital PLC.

In a previous review, United Capital PLC made our list of top hedge funds to invest in Nigeria.

United Capital, formerly UBA Capital, is publicly traded on the NIgerian Stock Exchange, and considered one of the largest hedge funds in NIgeria, with a capitalization of over 700 billion Naira.

So, what Is InvestNow All About?

InvestNow is the digital platform for accessing all of United Capital investment offerings.

Rather than walk into their office branches, you could simply log on to or download the InvestNow app, get onboarded and start investing.

Via InvestNow, you could start investing in varieties of mutual funds, trust funds, and tailored securities.

Easy, right?

InvestNow Investment Offers

InvestNow offers a wide range of opportunities to put your money to work. It is left to the investor to decide what tickles their fancy in terms of how they want their money invested.

If you’re a short-term investor, then you can invest in any of InvestNow’s mutual fund offerings. Otherwise, you could go long-term with any of their investment trusts.

Here are the investment options:

InvestNow Mutual Funds

  • Fixed Income Fund: A portfolio that invests in FGN bonds with a minimum of 10,000 Naira
  • Money Market Fund: A low risk portfolio that invests in treasury bills and commercial papers
  • Wealth for Women Fund: A fixed income instrument that invests in women-owned enterprises
  • Nigerian Eurobond Fund: A dollar-denominated portfolio that invests in registered Eurobonds
  • Equity Fund: A portfolio that invests in equities of choice companies traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Balanced Fund: A diversified portfolio that invests across different asset classes to mitigate risk and improve returns
  • Sukuk Fund: A low-risk portfolio that invests in Sharia-compliant securities and investments

InvestNow Trusts

  • Heritage Education Trust: A Naira and Dollar denominated trust for funding the long-term education and welfare of children by their parents
  • Nigerian Diaspora Trust: A trust that is designed to help Nigerians in diaspora to invest and manage investments in secure assets and securities
  • Private Investment Trust: A flexible portfolio open to private investors who are looking to invest lump sums towards a future goal

How Much ROI Does InvestNow Offer?

InvestNow offers a variety of ROI options which differ according to the portfolio invested in.

This is in addition to the dividends paid, as most of their mutual fund offerings offer periodic dividends paid in cash or reinvested into the portfolio. 

To know the exact ROI investors should expect for a chosen investment with InvestNow, it is best you speak to their representative.

Is InvestNow Legit or Scam?

InvestNow is not only legit, it is a great product by United Capital PLC.

The parent company, United Capital PLC is a formidable force in the Nigerian financial space, with all its products regulated by the SEC and the NSE.

What more could investors ask for?

What I like About InvestNow

The biggest deal about InvestNow is that you can monitor your investments digitally via their platforms.

Even though their portfolios are mostly traditional, InvestNow is attracting a new breed of tech savvy investors by creating digital access to their investment offers.

Once you log in to your account, you can easily monitor your investments, the ROI earned and the dividends coming through.

Cool, right?

What I Dislike About InvestNow

My first impression about InvestNow is that even though they offer a digital platform, they still operate majorly traditional.

I tried signing up on their Android app, but was met with several errors after inputting my BVN.

If that first stage of onboarding was error prone, I wonder what the whole digital operation would feel like.

Maybe InvestNow needs to do better with their digital platforms to make signing up seamless so as to capture younger and tech savvy investors.

Remember that today’s money is young and techy!

Can You Lose Money With InvestNow?

I don’t think so.

With the level of legitimacy brough by the parent company, United Capital, it would be difficult to lose your money.

Except in the case of a tech glitch where your investment gets missing and doesn’t show on your screen.

You should contact InvestNow ASAP or visit any of United Capital’s branches.

Should You Invest with InvestNow?

I really like their investment offers.

The variety of investment captures a wide audience that you could easily fit into more than one.

If I was looking to put money away towards a future investment goal, then InvestNow would be a good place to start.

What a good way to put my money to work!




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