Last week, a friend of mine asked me if he could invest in Farm4Me as a way to make profit from his capital. Before then, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about investing in Farm4Me and how the returns are very good, but I’ve not quite taken any interest in those discussions.

So, I became interested.

Since the question is now at my doorstep, I better take a look at it and provide an honest review of Farm4Me so that other investors with interest in investing with the company can decide if Farm4Me is worth investing in or not.

So, What is Farm4Me?

Farm4Me is an Agritech company that helps investors invest and make profit from farming. They are regarded as the pioneer of Contract Farming in Nigeria. This contract farm can be called absent farming or digital farming, where Farm4Me helps people to farm in absentia.

This means that you can be in Lagos and own hectares of onions farm in Bauchi. But the most important thing is that this farm is not just a virtual farm, it is a real farm that the investor can visit anytime, as many times as they want.

How Does Farm4Me Investment Work?

So, when an investor decides to launch their own farm through Farm4Me, all they have to do is make their request known to Farm4Me. In this case, Farm4Me would then act as an Agritech consultant and draw out the budget required to execute the farm successfully, no matter its size.

Once the budget has been established and the investor has paid in the required capital, Farm4Me would help the investor procure farmland for free and then proceed with the farming on behalf of the investor.

The whole process of procuring farmland and seedlings, preparing the farmland, planting and nurturing the farm, harvesting and sales, would be done by Farm4Me. The investor will receive updates on each stage and could visit the farm to see how things are progressing.

All these processes and the labor involved are already included in the budget paid for by the investor.

Services Provided By Farm4Me

Farm4Me Provides a host of services to investors and Agribusinesses across the whole value chain. This helps to minimize cost of investment and optimize the efficiency of its farming processes. Here are the services provided by Farm4Me:

Digital Farm Management 

Farm4Me provides Digital Farm Management for investors who are farming remotely or engaged in contract farming with Farm4Me. This is the beauty of technology. You could be anywhere in the world and still own farms in Nigeria that are yielding profits for you.

Through the investor dashboard on Farm4Me website, you could monitor your farm digitally and get updated with the current state of your farm. But still, if you want to see things for yourself, Farm4Me gives all investors the privilege to visit their farms whenever and as frequently as they like.

Farm Equipment Sales & Rental

Farm4Me provides farm equipment rental and sales for farmers within its management as well as other farmers at large. Short term farmers can rent farm equipment for the duration of planting alone, while long term farmers who own large farms and plant in different seasons can choose to purchase farm equipment outright.

The cost of farm equipment is usually included in the farm budget which is paid for by the investor wishing to own a farm through Farm4Me.

Sales of Farm Produce

Farm4Me Don’t just help investors own farms. They also help them sell their produce after harvest so that investors can get back their returns.

This means that Farm4Me typically handles the farming process from start to finish. They have markets for buyers of different commodities and they know the right seasons and the right price to sell for maximum ROI.

Agritech Consultancy

Farm4Me offers Agritech consultancy to both investors on its platform and other farmers at large. They help farmers plan their farming and give advice on the right budget and process that will yield the best returns.

How Much Capital Is Needed To Invest With Farm4Me?

The amount of capital needed to invest with Farm4Me depends on the kind of farm and the scale of the farm you want to own. There are different seasons for different farms, and there is a minimum amount you can invest to own a particular farm. However, investors can scale their investment and invest as much they want.

If you are confused on what amount to invest, Farm4Me will provide you with free consultancy to clarify your financial goals and match you with the right agribusiness opportunity.

In my opinion, your capital shouldn’t be less than 100k Naira if you want to own a farm with Farm4Me. When you factor in the whole logistics of renting a land, tilling and preparing the land, sourcing for quality seedlings, planting and nurturing the produce, harvest and sales, etc; 

I know it is tempting to compare Farm4Me with other agro investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to invest in farming projects. But Farm4Me is quite different. While other platforms allow you to invest in farmers projects, Farm4Me allows you to be the owner of the farm.

Since it is more expensive to own a farm than to support a farmer who owns a farm, you will need to invest higher capital with Farm4Me. If you could invest 50k in other people’s farm projects, then you can easily invest 100k into your own farm.

How Much Can You Make With Farm4Me?

Since Farm4Me basically helps you own a farm, how much you make would depend on many factors. Your Farm4Me investment is not a fixed instrument, rather, it is a service offered to you. The mindset of a Farm4Me investor should be like that of a farmer. You have to think of how to maximize your farm’s output in order to make the best return.

You could make a 50% return, a 100% return, or even a 300% return if you invest in the right farm and have produce that is in high demand. For example, farmers that had high quality produce during the tomato and onions scarcity in Nigeria made over 1000% return on investment. 

So, demand for your produce is a big deal in this business, that is why it is important to have the mindset of a farmer when investing with Farm4Me.

Can You Lose Your Investment With Farm4Me?

This is a very important angle to look at when investing with Farm4Me. Is your investment safe and can you lose your money?

Well, all farms managed with Farm4Me are insured by Leadway Assurance. The farm insurance cost is included in the farm budget that is paid by the investor. So, when anything goes wrong with the farm and affects its yield, the investor is paid back their capital.

So, with Farm4Me, you either make good returns on your investment, or you get paid your capital. This insurance is a good hedge for conscious investors who want to  own their farms and invest with Farm4Me. Your capital is preserved whenever anything goes wrong. You only have to reinvest in a new farm and continue your money-making venture.

How Does Farm4Me Make Money?

Farm4Me makes money by providing its different services to farmers. From Agritech consulting, to rental and sales of farm equipment. Farm4Me doesn’t only serve its investors. It also serves farmers, the government, and the general public.

Farm4Me also makes money by taking a cut from the harvest in farms it manages. After the harvest and sales of farm produce, Farm4Me would take 10% of the income realized from the sale.

So, if the total sale from the harvest is 1 million Naira, Farm4Me would take 100k while the investor receives 900k.

Is Farm4Me Legit Or Scam?

So far, Farm4Me has not recorded any case of accusation in terms of fraud. The company’s business is also transparent and their partnership with Leadway Assurance and Sterling bank, among a host of others shows proof of their legitimacy.

Also, when you invest with Farm4Me, you are given a Certificate of Investment which contains your name, the farmand its location, and Farm4Me as the facilitator. This means that you will always have proof that you invested with Farm4Me, and you can always lay a claim on your farm at any time.

So, even though I am a very careful investor, I don’t see any questionable features on the Farm4Me product. I believe it is a legitimate opportunity for average people and nine-to-fivers who want to own farms to do just that. 

I clearly understand the value that Farm4me brings to the table, and it is something I may consider investing in even though I’m not really big on farming.

So, should You Invest With Farm4Me?

To be honest, it is entirely up to you to invest in Farm4Me. If you always wanted to own a farm, but do not have the time, resources or knowledge to manage one, then this is a great opportunity for you.

It is a great way to own a farm without incurring too much risk. Just like you would employ an architect and builders to help you build a house without you building it by yourself, you can employ Farm4Me to help you own and manage a farm.

I would rate Farm4Me 8/10 for their product innovation as the pioneer of contract farming in Nigeria using new technologies. It is not easy to come up with such bold ideas and execute it perfectly especially in a place like Nigeria.


There are so many agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, but Farm4Me is uniquely different. No other platform gives you the opportunity to own a farm in Nigeria from anywhere in the world, even if you are absent.

About the 300% ROI, yes it is possible to make that with Farm4Me. But that would depend on many factors. If regular farmers could make 1000% on their local farms, then a modernized farm with Farm4Me would have similar or even better potential.




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