Chinmark Investment Review: Warning!! Read This First

Have you heard about FinAfrica Investment? Or Chinmark group investment? You’ve probably heard about it from a friend or through an ad on social media. So, you may be thinking of investing your money right away. But I’m here to tell you to wait a little bit and read this article before making a decision.

You’re probably thinking Chinmark investment is cool and a good way to make income on a monthly basis, but have you wondered how safe your investment is with them?

As an investor, your investment analysis shouldn’t only bother on the potential for profit, but also the potential for loss. So, FinAfrica might seem like a great investment opportunity, but we need to scrutinize it more deeply to see what it is all about.

That is the essence of this article.

So, What Is Chinmark Investment About?

Chinmark Group through its FinAfrica Investment is a partnership scheme that promises investors a monthly ROI of 3% to 4%. The company claims that it utilizes investors’ funds towards several ventures in sectors such as agriculture, health, housing, and loans.

The company is based in Enugu, Nigeria and managed by one Dr. Marksman Chinedu Ijioma. The company claims that it has a mission to help fight poverty in Africa as around the world. 

Chinmark does not outrightly solicit funds from investors, instead choosing to call its investors “partners.” This means that when you invest in Chinmark via FinAfrica investment, you are not an investor but a partner of Chinmark.

This essentially means that you share in the risk of the businesses carried out by Chinmark Group. 

How Does Chinmark Make Money?

Chinmark claims to make money from several business ventures where it invests funds from its investors. The profits realized from these ventures are shared between Chinmark and its investors and partners.

The company claims that its agro-venture contributes 27% to its profit earnings, with property development contributing 15% and civil construction contributing 44% to its profit earnings.

Chinmark also claims that these profit earnings give a huge boost to its share capital which is over £2,000,000. 

How To Invest With Chinmark

To invest with Chinmark via its FinAfrica partnerhip Investment, you have to go to their website and contact them through their telephone, messaging or email channels.

The company’s address is also available on the website, so if you want to physically talk with a Chinmark representative to discuss the terms of your investment, you can do so at their office address.

Requirements To Invest With Chinmark

To invest with Chinmark as a partner, you need a minimum capital of 500,000 Naira and a maximum capital of 100,000,000 Naira.

Also, Chinmark Investments have tenures between 6 months and 5 years. So, you can only invest with a minimum tenure of 6 months. This means that if you invest for a tenure of 6 months, you will receive your monthly ROI 6 times before the investment matures and you get back your capital.

Chinmark claims that you do not need to refer anyone to its FinAfrica Partnership Investment or have any downlines to make money on your investment. Once you become a Chinmark partner, you automatically earn the monthly interest accrued to you.

How Safe Is Investing With Chinmark?

It depends on how you see it. How does investing 500,000 for 6 months feel to you? Are you willing to become a partner investor that shares the business risk with Chinmark?

If you are a risk-averse investor, then investing or partnering with Chinmark may be too risky for you. Imagine getting a call that the venture you invested in has failed and your capital is lost. What would you do?

Also, Chinmark does not provide any guarantee in their investment offers. On their website, there is no talk about insurance or other conservative measures put in place to guard against business risk and failure.

If I was to invest and share the risk with a company that actively participates in high-risk industries such as agriculture and construction, then I would demand that they show proof of insurance. Not doing that would show that they are either not serious about their business, or that they are just fronting.

Is Chinmark Investment legit or Scam?

There is no way to know if Chinmark investment is legit or scam, but to me, with the way the company is structured, it reeks of ponzi.

Firstly, how is the company able to manage its many businesses in different sectors like agriculture, real estate, health, and loans? This is very difficult to manage by one company and almost impossible without the help of industry expert partners. If so, who are these Chinmark’s industry experts and partners? 

Even Dangote with all his money is struggling to manage all his subsidiaries, and has to sell off some of them. So, how is Chinmark coping? What are the names of Chinmark’s subsidiary companies managing these ventures? Where are the proof of its farms, housing construction, health facilities, etc.? Where are these ventures situated or located?

Is the company insured against business failure? Which insurance company is Chinmark partnered with?

Investors need these proofs and other proof of business activities, not just some bogus claims and testimonials on a website.

Should You Invest In Chinmark?

If you really like the idea of earning up to 4% monthly on your capital (which is approximately 48% per annum) then you can talk to Chinmark’s reps to provide you with more proof of their business investments before you can invest with the aim of making your money and getting out fast.

But if you are an investor that know the worth of your money and what you can actually achieve with a capital of 500,000 Naira, then Chinmark would definitely not be a good investment for you.

When you look deeply into Chinmark’s investment offer, you’d see that it is just a hybrid partnership investment with zero equity for its partners. Chinmark’s FinAfrica project is a partnership arm of the company used to solicit funds in the form of investment partnership.

If I would be investing in a company as a partner with a minimum capital as high as 500,000 Naira, then I’d like to have some equity in the company, since I would be sharing in the risk of the business.

I wouldn’t want to share the same risk with the owners of the business and then get a meagre 3% or 4% ROI per month. That is just too mediocre.


I strongly feel that there is some lack of transparency in how Chinmark investment works. The company wants its investors to be tagged as “partners” so that Chinmark can absorb itself from any future loss of capital if the business crashes, but they are unwilling to offer partnership-level equity or ROI.

If I had 500,000 Naira lying idle somewhere, Instead of investing in Chinmark’s bogus investment scheme, I’d rather invest in dangote cement and be patiently waiting for my recurring dividends. In the worse case, I’d invest in a booming local business and get an equity stake as high as 40%.




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