Boldgains Review: Wellness Investment or MLM Scheme?

Have you heard of the Boldgains investment program?

And you are wondering if Boldgains is Legit or Scam?

Maybe you are even thinking of buying one of their product packages, but you need to know if the program can actually give you the returns promised. 

That is the essence of this review.

We’ll be taking a deep look at the opportunities and risks presented by Boldgains to know if the program is worth risking our money on.

Hopefully, we get to make the best investment decision with Boldgains and keep our money safe and growing.

What Is Boldgains All About?

Boldgains is a health, beauty, and wellness marketing company based in Dubai.

The company utilizes a network of marketers to sell its products. According to Boldgains, its marketing network is an avenue for wealth transfer and empowerment.

Leveraging a network marketing program, Boldgains compensates its marketers through sales commissions, bonuses and incentives based on network rankings. 

How Does Boldgains Make Money?

Boldgains makes money by selling health, beauty, and wellness products to customers around the world

Just like the several network marketing companies that have come before it, and would come before it, the company thrives by recruiting network marketers to sell its health and wellness products, which can be quite pricey.

The more marketers that Boldgains is able to recruit to its network, the more sales it could make to grow its revenue.

How to Invest in Boldgains

You can invest in Boldgains via any of their registration Packages, as listed below:

Registration Packages

  • Discovery  –  $30 (₦15,000)
  • Silver  –  $60 (₦30,000)
  • Gold  –  $120 (₦60,000)
  • Sapphire  – $600 (₦300,000)
  • Emerald  – $1200 (₦600,000)
  • Diamond  – $2400 (₦1,200,000)

The company claims that after registration to any of these packages, you would be given products worth the registration amount and then give access to login to a dashboard on their website where you would be earning $1 daily until you make back your initial outlay.

There is a caveat however, as the money accrued daily cannot be withdrawn in cash but can be used to purchase more products or win gift items from Boldgains.

How Much ROI Does Boldgains Offer?

The ROI you get for investing in Boldgains is not as straightforward as you would like.

Returns are structured in the form of bonuses that you accrue, with the recruitment of more members.

Here are the bonuses promised by Boldgains:

Direct Referral Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you refer, sponsor or introduce someone to Boldgains. You earn up to 10% commission on Direct Referral Bonus, based on the package subscribed by your referee.

For example, If you introduce someone who buys Emerald package, your bonus would be ₦50,000 ($100)

Binary/Pairing Bonus

When you refer two persons, with one on a higher package than you and the other on a lower package than you, you enjoy a bonus up to 18.8%.

Upgrade Bonus

When someone you referred to Boldgains upgrades to a higher package, you get a bonus up to 40%

Roll UP Bonus

When you or your downline refer someone to purchase a higher package, you get a roll up bonus.

Repurchase Bonus

When your downlines continue to repurchase products from Boldgains, you earn a repurchase bonus according to their purchase volume.

Return On Investment Bonus

ROI bonus is paid to you once you are registered on Boldgains. You get paid $1 daily until your registration amount is complete. ROI bonuses can only be used to purchase products from the Boldgains or redeem gift items such as phones, watches, laptops, etc.

Retail Bonus

Retail bonus is earned when you purchase products from Boldgains as a retailer. You’ll be required not to sell below a profit margin of 39%.

Leadership Bonus

As you grow through the ranks on Boldgains, you get to receive various leadership bonuses as outlined below.

Health & Wellness Investment or MLM?

With the way Boldgains is structured, it is definitely not a health & wellness investment program.

In fact, it is an MLM scheme that rewards you only for bringing new people into the system and getting them to spend more money on Boldgains products.

So, investing money into Boldgains is not the last bus stop. If you register on Boldgains and do nothing thereafter, you will get nothing in return.

Ok, maybe you get some worthless ROI bonuses that cannot be redeemed in cash, but that’s all.

To make money on Boldgains, you first have to invest your money and then work your ass off to recruit new members.

Is Bold Gains Legit or Scam?

The company looks very legit, however, it is quite difficult to make money on Boldgains.

Don’t be deceived by the testimonials you see online about people making millions. It is not quite as simple as it seems.

Unless you are a pharmacy or mobile drug distributor with a large clientbase, it would be difficult to make money on Boldgains as strictly an investor.

Boldgains would work only for those who are willing to sell its products, make repurchases and get a few others to join them doing the same.

If you can’t do that, then there is no need coming onboard Boldgains. You would essentially be wasting your time and money.

Can You Lose Money With Bold Gains?


The money you pay for purchasing a package with Boldgains is essentially a risk if you are strictly an investor.

Unless you plan on reselling the products given to you by Boldgains to recoup your investment.

So, as an investor, you would be paying to get access to the Boldgains system. Whatever you do thereafter would determine if you make money on the platform or not.

Should You Invest in Bold Gains?

I like the fact that Boldgains is actually a cheaper alternative to the many MLM systems out there.

With just 15,000 Naira, you can get started on the platform.

However, it is still an MLM scheme and you would need to work your ass off to make any profit, even after investing your hard earned money.

The goal of an investor is to get your money to work harder than you.

The plan is not to work like a slave just to earn peanuts even after investing some money.

As such, I don’t deem Boldgains good enough to invest in, just like I wouldn’t invest in any MLM scheme out there.

If you choose to join Boldgains, know that you are essentially getting a job and not investing to get your money working for you.




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