Superlife Review: Legit Sales Revolution or Scam MLM Scheme?

Superlife has been one of the most popular direct sales programs in Nigeria in recent times.

I’ve been asked quite a lot of questions about the program for some time now, so I knew I had to write a review about it.

So, is Superlife Legit or a scam? Is it worth putting your money on?

We’ll be looking at all that in this review. But before then, I’ll like to clarify that Superlife is not an investment program.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity where you can just put your money and get returns monthly, then Superlife is not for you.

Now, let’s get to the review proper.

What Is Superlife All About?

Superlife is a global health and wellness company that sells its product using a sales network structure.

The company claims to be a pioneer of Direct Sales by redefining the concept of globalization, and revolutionizing the industry of direct sales.

It has an audacious mission to improve the Health & Well-Being of Communities by Promoting Scientifically Tested Products While Leveraging a Digital Platform Which Empowers SuperLife Members to Attain Sustainable Wealth by Promoting the Products Globally.

In other words, Superlife was built from the ground up with network marketing in mind. It is not a health manufacturer, but a health and wellness sales company built using a network structure.

Superlife is also not an investment company. All the company does is to recruit new sales agents to sell its products.

How Does Superlife Make Money?

Superlife makes money by recruiting new members and selling more of its products.

The more members that sign up with Superlife, the more membership subscriptions they can sell and make money.

And the more products those members sell, the more Superlife makes money.

The company also has an online shop for memby and the general public to purchase its health and wellness products.

How to Invest in Superlife

Investing in Superlife is not really an investment per se.

You can join Superlife by paying the subscription fee to become a member, which gives you access to the platform and some products.

There are several subscription packages that enable members to join Superlife. Your level of earning on the platform would depend on which package you sign up with.

Here are the Superlife Membership Packages:

Star Package

The Star Package costs 55,000 Naira, which gives you access to the platform and 2 boxes of Superlife STC30.

On this package, you also earn 15,000 Naira for each member you refer, and 9,000 Naira as a pairing bonus for each member that is paired with you.

Supreme Package

The Supreme Package costs 220,000 Naira, which gives you access to the platform and 8 boxes of Superlife STC30.

On this package, you also earn 70,000 Naira for each member you refer to join the Supreme Package, and 36,000 Naira as a pairing bonus for each member that is paired with you as Supreme.

You also get a Roll-up bonus of 40,000 Naira for every referred member that upgrades from Star Package to Supreme Package.

Super Package

The Super Package costs 550,000 Naira, which gives you access to the platform and 20 boxes of Superlife STC30.

On this package, you also earn 175,000 Naira for each member you refer to join the Super Package, and 90,000 Naira as a pairing bonus for each member that is paired with you as Super.

You also get a key-in bonus of 15,000 Naira for every member you register to the Super Package by yourself, and a Roll-up bonus of up to 225,000 Naira for upgrading any of your referral to the Super Package.

Other perks of being a Super member of Superlife includes Annual profit sharing in your cohort, Travel bonuses, and auto ownership, and other gifts.

What are some products of Superlife?

Superlife facilitates a range of health and wellness products which it claims can improve health conditions such as Cancer, Kidney diseases, Impotency, Sickle-cell anaemia, and anti-aging benefits among others.

Here are some of Superlife prody that are available for sale in Nigeria:

  • Superlife Colon Care
  • Superlife Neuron Care
  • Superlife Immune Care
  • Double Root Coffee
  • Superlife Total Care

How Much ROI Does Superlife Offer?

Depending on which Superlife package you subscribe to, you can get a minimum return of between 15,000 Naira and 175,000 Naira if you refer at least one member to join Superlife.

Another way to earn money on Superlife is to focus on selling its products as a distributor.

You could purchase Superlife products at membership prices and sell for higher.

However, it is easier said than done, as Superlife products are highly priced that the average buyer would not be able to afford them. No wonder the products are very difficult to sell.

Is Superlife Legit or Scam?

Superlife looks like a legit company but they are not an investment company like many people may be misled to believe.

You don’t invest in Superlife and expect returns for doing nothing.

Superlife is a sales Network that recruits new salespeople into its system to grow its sales and revenue.

Essentially, as a member of Superlife, you are paying to get a sales job. You pay to become a member, then you are mandated to recruit new members and sell more products.

Without which you would earn nothing.

Even though you pay 1 million Naira to join Superlife, if you don’t bring new members or sell any products, you would earn nothing.

To make money on Superlife, you have to work for it. Your money cannot help you or work for you.

Can You Lose Money With Superlife?


If you pay to join Superlife and you fail in your effort to bring in new members in your downline, or fail to sell any of the Superlife overpriced products, then you’ve essentially lost money.

And the money isni cheap. The lowest Superlife Package costs 55,000 Naira!

So, you have to think twice before joining Superlife.

Do you want to continue working and slaving for money? Or do you want your money to work for you? 

The choice is yours.

Should You Invest in Superlife?

It depends.

If you are looking for a marketing or sales job, then you can pay to join Superlife and learn how to sell.

If you own a high-end pharmacy in Nigeria and are looking to market some new health and wellness products, then Superlife is a great option.

But if you are looking to invest and make money, grow your capital, or make your money work for you, then Superlife isn’t that great.

Superlife is not a great cash investment option for the average investor, but could be a great investment in personal development in the area of sales and marketing.


As far as I’m concerned, Superlife is too expensive for the average investor. The risk outweighs the benefits for me.

I’m not looking for a job.

I want my money to work hard for me, so I can live the kind of life that I desire.

So, I’m not moved by the big promises of Superlife affiliates. All they want is my money and then I become just another number in the carousel.

My money is my power, and I’ve chosen to put it in investments where it can work harder for me with minimal effort required from me.

Superlife is not that investment.




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