Gsterling Capital Review: Legit 20% Monthly ROI or a Scam?

Ever heard of Gsterling Capital Investment and Looking to invest your money?

Maybe you should just chill out and read this article first before committing your money to Gsterling Capital.

The company is promising a mouthwatering 20% monthly ROI in return for your investment, but are they trustworthy enough to keep their word?

You’ll find out soon.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the business of Gsterling Capital to analyze its investment proposition and see if it is worth putting our money on.

Let’s begin.

What Is Gsterling Capital all About?

Gsterling Capital is an investment company claiming to be into forex trading and other allied ventures.

The company which is located in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos is registered with the CAC as Gsterling Capital Ltd; with RC Number 1705196.

Gsterling Capital also claims that it runs a training facility that trains people in Forex trading and making money.

How Does Gsterling Capital Make Money?

Gsterling Capital makes its money from Forex trading and reinvestment of people’s funds.

We are made to believe that Gsterling Capital takes a cut from the profit gotten from reinvesting solicited funds into forex trading and the likes.

How to Invest in Gsterling Capital

To invest with Gsterling Capital, you have to choose from one of its investment plans and call them to make your investment.

In the past few months, their website has gone offline, with the company citing technical issues.

How Much ROI Does Gsterling Capital Offer?

Gsterling Capital offers four investment plans with varying ROI:

Silver Investment

  • 1 Month Tenure 
  • 20% ROI

Gold Investment

  • 3 Months Tenure 
  • 70% ROI

VIP Investment

  • 6 Months Tenure 
  • 150% ROI

VVIP Investment

  • 12 Months Tenure 
  • 315% ROI

Is Gsterling Capital Legit or Scam?

To know if Gsterling Capital is a scam investment company, there are a few things to look out for.

Firstly, the past few months have been turbulent for the company, as they have been unable to meet investors’ demands.

With a ROI as high as 150% in just 6 months, the company has raised the hopes of investors while giving itself a high target and no room to breathe.

Just like other similar investment companies such as MBA forex, Gsterling Capital has claimed that the returns it promises are achievable due to the success of their forex trading ventures.

But we know that it takes only a few losing streaks in Forex for panic to set in and an investment going emotional.

In my opinion, I believe Gsterling Capital is a scam investment company due to the way it is set up.

It is important to note that there is a legitimate investment company known as Sterling Capital, which has been existing for years, as a veritable capital investment company.

I believe Gsterling Capital was set up to mimic the goodwill and reputation of Sterling Capital, and also to deceive and hoodwink unsuspecting investors.

Can You Lose Money With Gsterling Capital?

There is no guarantee that you would make money with Gsterling Capital, so that already puts you at risk of losing your money.

Like a few investors have come to find out in the past few months, the company has been unable to meet its return targets to the dismay of investors.

Since there is no insurance on your investment with Gsterling Capital, and the company is not regulated by any known financial institution or government body, there’s a chance you’ll be taken for a fool if you hand over your money to Gsterling Capital.

Should You Invest in Gsterling Capital?

Honestly, I wouldn’t invest in Gsterling Capital.

Their modus operandi has a stark similarity with the infamous defunct MBA Forex investment.

Even though Forex trading can give a ROI as high as 150% in 6 months, there is no guarantee that one can consistently enjoy such home run over a long period of time. So, nobody can promise you such returns.

If you can, avoid investing with Gsterling Capital.




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