Hallmark Capital Review: 18% Smart ROI or Scam-mark?

Hallmark Capital limited is promising investors a smart ROI of 18% per annum to create derivatives from financing capital projects.

Is the company worth investing in? Is 18% ROI worth the risk for you as an investor?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Hallmark Capital intends to do with investors’ funds, their business proposition, and if they are worth investing with.

Let’s get started.

What Is Hallmark Capital All About?

Hallmark Capital Ltd is a Finance House that focuses on Investments and retail product offerings. 

The company claims to provide efficient financial solutions for SMEs and corporates.

Specifically, they are focused on providing capital loans and payday loans for their retail customers.

How Does Hallmark Capital Make Money?

Possibly, their capital financing ventures bring them money via interests on loans and project financing.

They claim to offer loans to SMEs and corporate workers, and also claim to have a logistics business of their own.

According to Hallmark Capital, investment banking is a core stream of their operations and they primarily focus on capital financing for local businesses, individuals and government workers with the aim of helping investors maximize their profit.

How to Invest in Hallmark Capital

To start investing with Hallmark Capital, you have to invest with at least 100k Naira, as that is the threshold their investment plan starts from.

Their investment tenor varies from 90 days to 365 days, and comes with the option of a roll-over at the end of the tenure, which can be activated at the request of the investor.

How Much ROI Does Hallmark Capital Offer?

Hallmark Capital offers a ROI of up to 18% per annum, depending on your investment capital and the tenure of investment.

Shorter investment tenures obviously would attract much lower ROI.

Is Hallmark Capital Legit or Scam?

There’s no way to know whether Hallmark Capital is legit or a scam, but we can take a look at some aspects of their business.

The company claims to be a financial house and is registered as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

However, the company doesn’t have any other license to operate a financial service business in Nigeria.

According to my public search, the company is neither a cooperative nor a microfinance bank. They are also neither a mobile money service or a payment service bank in Nigeria.

However, they are offering financial products such as savings, loans, and investments.

Their investment activities and other related services are also not regulated by the SEC.

So, make of that what you will.

What I Hate About Hallmark Capital

There is nothing much to dislike about this company.

Their services are very streamlined and clear for the investors and their customers.

However, I’d like them to at least get a cooperative license to start with so as to put investors minds at rest.

What I Like About Hallmark Capital

Their business proposition is quite clear. They help investors put their money to good use by investing in SMEs and offering loans to government workers.

It’s a quite feasible business and easy to understand, and the 18% ROI promised is not an impossible benchmark for this type of business.

Can You Lose Money With Hallmark Capital?

As much as I’d like to answer in the negative, the truth is that as it stands, nothing protects you from losing money with this company.

If you choose to invest with this company, you’ll be doing so by giving the company the benefit of the doubt. 

So, yes, you can lose your money with Hallmark Capital.

Should You Invest in Hallmark Capital?

Despite the fact that I like their business, I wouldn’t be investing with Hallmark Capital if the opportunity presents itself.

Maybe unless the company gets the required regulatory backing and licenses, then they could be worth giving a shot.

However, you are at your own discretion to choose whether to invest or not to invest with this company.

You can do your own due diligence to see if the company is a good fit for your investment needs.




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