Viablex Review: Can you Really Make 35% ROI in 4 Months?

Viablex is a popular agricultural commodity trading platform in Nigeria that allows you to farm by proxy and fund agricultural ventures for profit.

You could join Viablex and start investing in just 5 minutes or less, but the question remains, should you invest with Viablex?

Is it possible to make 35% ROI in 4 months or is that just a market gimmick by Viablex? 

Let’s find out.

What is Viablex all about and how can you use the platform?

Viablex is an agricultural commodity trading platform that enables investors and farmers to fund and engage in agricultural ventures for profit.

The company is licenced by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and has its trading eWallet based on the blockchain.

Both farmers who are looking to set up their own farms, and investors looking to fund farm projects, can join Viablex. The company functions like a cooperative where members share resources for mutual growth and profit.

How Does Viablex Make Money?

Viablex makes money by providing a platform where farmers and agricultural investors can thrive. The company in partnership with its sister companies manage the processes involved in the Agric ventures on its platform.

From starting a farm, managing the farm, harvesting proceeds, transport and logistics, storage, and exportation. These processes come with small fees which serves as revenue for Viablex to gainfully operate the platform.

Additionally, the Viablex platform is not a free platform. All members must pay a yearly membership fee of 10,000 Naira to join and remain on the platform.  

How to invest with Viablex

To start investing in Viablex, you have to register on their website or mobile app, pay the year membership fee, fund your Viablex eWallet, and start trading on commodities.

You could either trade on the available agricultural commodities available on the platform, provide funding for farm projects, or pool funds with other investors towards exportation.

Can you Really Make 35% ROI in 4 Months with Viablex?

I don’t know if this is just marketing lingo, but the opportunity seems to be there on Viablex, especially when you buy and sell Agric commodities.

You could buy low during off season markets and sell high during peak market seasons when commodities are highly demanded for.

However, it is not a guarantee that if you invest with Viablex, you would make 35% ROI after 4 months.

Is Viablex Scam or Legit? Can you lose Money?

I don’t see any reason why Viablex should be called a scam. Also, I don’t see how you would lose money with Viablex.

The company seems to be legit, with all tradeable funds on the platform held in a NDIC-insured bank in Nigeria. The trading eWallet is also based on the blockchain so that all transactions are as transparent as they get.

The area where there is a possibility of loss is with the commodities trading part, but it would be unlikely that you would lose much, as the Viablex trading platform is not complex, as it based on just one niche: agriculture.

I also believe that Viablex is good for beginner speculator investors who want to try their hands with speculating on commodities and export trades with little or no risk.

Should you Invest with Viablex?

I’m really positive on this one.

The Viablex proposition is well put together and should be a veritable investment platform of choice for Nigerian investors looking for something different from the usual agricultural investment platform we have become so used to over the years.

If you prefer to be hands-on that throw your money in and pray, then Viablex may just offer the basics for you to begin your journey into commodity trading in Nigeria.




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