Anker Investment Review: Can you Make Money with Powerbanks?

Anker has launched its investment program in a bid to help investors make money by renting powerbanks.

Through its AnkerBox scheme, the company is bringing a powerbank-sharing system to the market, a one of a kind service that is designed to help all parties benefit.

Anker claims that investors can make over 7k Naira hourly and over 170k daily just by sponsoring powerbank stations. But is that really possible?

In this Anker Investment Review, we’ll take a look at what the company is doing via its AnkerBox program to see if it is really worth putting your money on.

What Is Anker Investment All About?

The Anker Investment program is designed to facilitate the distribution of the AnkerBox rentable chargers to various charging stations such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

AnkerBox is a service division of Anker Technology, which is known for their strong batteries and powerbanks.

With AnkerBox charging stations, anyone could rent a powerbank right from anywhere they are, for just a small fee which would be shared between the investors, the location owner, and Anker.

The AnkerBox service would function just like a ride-sharing service, where users can download the app, use their map to locate the nearest AnkerBox station, go there and charge their phones.

How Does Anker Make Money?

Anker Technology already owns one of the top brands for anything power device. The company makes money by selling their own brand of batteries and powerbanks.

With the Anker Investment scheme and AnkerBox, the company would also make money by earning a share of the income from its powerbank renting ecosystem.

How to Invest in AnkerBox

To invest in the AnkerBox scheme, you first have to download the Anker app on your phone.

You get a 600 Naira bonus for just signing up, and then other earnings from your AnkerBox revenues.

You could sponsor a full AnkerBox station or co-sponsor one with other investors, and share the earnings according to your ownership quota of the AnkerBox station.

How Much ROI Does Anker Investment Offer?

According to Anker, the AnkerBox investment program is an online prime customer reward where users can earn rewards and cash bonuses every hour.

The company claims that investors will enjoy unlimited sales rebates up to 11% and unlimited daily dividends up to 5%.

The estimated ROI is paid via a rental profit of contract that is earned without limit, Up to 7,150 Naira hourly and up to 171,612 Naira daily.

Is AnkerBox investment Legit or Scam?

The AnkerBox investment is run by a legit company that has demonstrated strong market capabilities. However, this investment program is still new, so it is quite difficult to know if it would be sustainable or not.

But as they say, a first mover advantage for a new opportunity such as this could have you earning the maximum profit possible before the party gets crowded.

But the risk still remains, however.

Can You Lose Money With Anker Investment?

As said before, the AnkerBox investment program by Anker is still a sort of pilot program with little traction, so there is some risk there.

So, yes, there’s a chance that the program might fail to scale, and investors would lose money.

There is no guarantee that you would make any money with the AnkerBox. The company has only made projections of how much you can make by investing in the program, but there is no guarantee whatsoever.

But the ceiling is high in terms of earning potential. This could be the next big money-spinner bringing in massive passive income for you.

Should You Invest in the AnkerBox program?

Firstly, there are a few questions on my mind.

Do I think that the idea of renting powerbanks in Nigeria would scale? I’m quite doubtful.

Do people go to restaurants to charge their phones? I’m still doubtful.

Do people want to charge their phones in charging booths? Yes, there’s a possibility.

Currently, people pay to charge their phones in commercial charging booths run by generators in Nigeria.

What if Anker could help them minimize fuel costs by providing heavy-duty powerbanks to run that kind of business and make money for themselves, investors, and Anker? 

There’s a chance of that being a successful business model.

So, there’s a chance that the AnkerBox Investment scheme could become a money spinner for investors, but there’s also the possibility that it could fail.

If I would invest in this Anker program, I would invest because I love the idea behind the business model, but I would be investing money I could afford to lose due to the considerable risk of the program as an unprecedented project.




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