Agrorite Investment Review: The New Agri-tech Money Spinner?

Are you looking for an Agri-tech Company to invest your money?

Do you have interest in Agrorite and want to do your due diligence before Investing with them?

Maybe you’ve seen a few reviews online of people who have invested with Agrorite and received some returns. 

But you want to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate Agri-tech company before committing your investment.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Agrorite value proposition to see if they are worth their weight in gold, and if you should invest with them.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Agrorite All About?

Agrorite Limited is an Agri-tech Company based in Nigeria. The company has a mission to tackle food scarcity and hunger in Africa through its partnerships and innovation in the agricultural sector.

Agrorite claims to be improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers with access to finance, smart farming practices, and premium markets.

Essentially, the company crowdfunds investment from the general public and invests in small holder farmers and its partnership across the agriculture value chain.

Profits made are shared by Agrorite, its investors, farmers, and industry partners.

How Does Agrorite Make Money?

Agrorite makes money by utilizing pooled funds from its investors towards funding farming projects across the country.

Agrorite works hand-in-hand with farmers to ensure good farming practice and efficient crop yield, handles the storage and management of harvests, and transportation of harvest to markets.

Essentially, Agrorite is hands-on and active across the value chain, thereby ensuring maximum profit for itself, its investors and partners.

How to Invest in Agrorite

To invest in Agrorite, you have to sign up on their website and choose from any of their available farm projects.

As projects become open for financing, Agrorite gives access to investors to invest in them per unit for a specified amount.

They also have a hotline where high-end corporate investors could call for partnerships and/or priority investment.

How Much ROI Does Agrorite Offer?

Agrorite promises ROI between 15% to 25% for its farm cycles that are between 4 months to 8 months.

So, the longer the farming cycle, the higher the ROI paid to investors.

For its 4 month cycle, Agrorite promises ROI between 15% to 18%.

Is Agrorite Legit or Scam?

Agrorite seems like a legit Agri-tech Company.

When you look at the magnitude of their industry partnerships and their recognition in the agricultural industry both in Nigeria and abroad, it seems like a company that is going places.

This year, they have collaborated with the United Nation in the World Food Programme, and have a partnership agreement with Goglobal, a Global supply chain management company based in the United States.

Can You Lose Money With Agrorite?

With the way Agrorite is involved across the board, and the level of insurance they have in place, it would be quite difficult to lose your investment.

Unlike many other Agri-tech companies that are partially involved in the whole value chain, Agrorite takes it up a notch.

They empower farmers, but they handle almost the whole process, from harvesting to supplying.

Agrorite insures its farm assets, warehousing, and transportation of goods. This means that no matter what happens at any point in the value chain, Agrorite gets covered by insurance.

This should be really encouraging to Agri-tech investors who are looking to earn reasonable returns while safeguarding  their investments.

Should You Invest in Agrorite?

To be honest, investing in Agrorite should be a no brainer.

The farming cycles are short, between 4 months to 8 months, so you could easily get your returns and reinvest.

At a 4 months cycle with a 15% return, you could invest thrice in a year for a whopping 45% return.

That’s more than you can get with many other investment portfolios that aren’t as secure as Agrorite.




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