Intelligence Prime Capital Review: Money Spinner or Scam?

Looking to invest in the Forex market with Intelligence Prime Capital?

With the growth of artificial intelligence in finance, many Fintech companies are now looking to leverage technology for more efficient business and gains.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of investing in Forex using the Intelligence Prime Capital AI Bot Trading system.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that this article is for information purposes only, and does not serve as financial advice.

Let’s get started.

What Is Intelligence Prime Capital All About?

Intelligence Prime Capital is an international Fintech company that specializes in trading Forex, commodities, CFD and Cryptocurrency. 

The Fintech company is pioneering a one-stop platform for diversified digital assets and trading options.

Like many other fintechs that are into financial trading, IPCapital is betting on the efficiency of AI analysis systems and cloud computing to make financial trading services more attractive and beneficial for the masses.

How Does Intelligence Prime Capital Make Money?

IPCapital makes money through the sales of its 3-tier AI Trading BoTs.

The company also makes money by taking a 20% cut off trading profits made by using its AI BoT system on MT4.

So, IPCapital makes money anytime a trader or investor subscribes to any of its AI BoT systems, and also makes money when that user trades and makes any profit using the Bot system on MT4.

How to Invest with Intelligence Prime Capital

The main product of IPCapital is their proprietary AIA BoT System.

To start investing with Intelligence Prime Capital, you’ll need to subscribe to one of their AI Bot system as listed below:

  • The Smart Bot

Bot Subscription: $19.9 

MT4 Trading Capital: $100

Total: $119.9

  • The Brilliant Bot

Bot Subscription: $39.9

MT4 Trading Capital: $100 

Total: $139.9

  • The Genius Bot

Bot Subscription: $99.9

MT4 Trading Capital: $100 

Total: $199.9

How Much ROI Does Intelligence Prime Capital Offer?

According to Intelligence Prime Capital, the different AI BoT Systems come with varying trade efficiency, hence their varying costs.

So, the ROI an investor gets with IPCapital would depend on the AI Bot system employed.

Here are the ROI for the different Bot Systems:

  • The Smart Bot: 15% estimated Monthly ROI
  • The Smart Bot: 30% estimated Monthly ROI
  • The Smart Bot: 45% estimated Monthly ROI

Is Intelligence Prime Capital Legit or Scam?

Intelligence Prime CAPITAL claims to be licensed as a regulated broker in the EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa, UAE and the British Virgin Islands. 

According to Canada’s financial intelligence unit (FINTRAC), Intelligence Prime Capital is registered as a money service business in 2021, to render services such as Foreign exchange dealing, Money transferring, and Dealing in virtual currencies. 

This means that they are subject to stringent compliance requirements regarding how they handle client funds, security, and financial reporting.

So, the company itself could be a legitimate company. However, the nature of their business makes no guarantee that investors would make money, despite all the financial claims of their AI Bot System.

What I Hate About Intelligence Prime Capital

Honestly, I hate investing in automated financial systems.

Even though these trading systems could have higher efficiency than human input due to the elimination of the emotional factor, they are still susceptible to technology failure.

Investing my money with the hope that a robot would trade it for me and return a guaranteed profit with about 98% efficiency is almost too good to be true.

So, essentially, when you invest with IPCapital, you are choosing to trust the ability of their AI Bot System to deliver on their promise, even though the systems have not been sufficiently tested.

What I Like About Intelligence Prime Capital

According to IPCapital, the company is constantly investing in R&D to make financial trading accessible and beneficial for the masses.

They have a wide range of options for investors and traders looking to throw in money for some decent returns. 

With trading options such as personal trading, copy trading and AI Bot trading on the popular MT4 platform, anyone could get started making money trading Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

So, in my opinion, the ease of access to financial trading is the strongest point of Intelligence Prime Capital.

Can You Lose Money With Intelligence Prime Capital?

Of course.

The nature of financial trading gives no guarantee that you’ll make any money. 

In fact, the company has a clear caveat warning traders and investors that trading CFDs and FX Options is risky and could result in the loss of your capital.

So, despite all the claims of financial returns with its AI Bot system, there’s an equal chance that you’ll lose all your capital due to the nature of the business.

Should You Invest in Intelligence Prime Capital?

I wouldn’t.

The biggest reason why I wouldn’t invest with Intelligence Prime Capital is that their AI Bot system is still largely unproven.

According to available sources, the company was registered in 2021 and has been operational in less than one year.

That is not enough time to gather use cases and have at least a reasonable number of success stories.

Also, even though the company claims to have trade registrations and licenses in several countries, they seem not to have any licenses to operate in Nigeria for now.

So, when you invest from Nigeria, you are not protected by whatever license and institutional protection IPCapital has in other countries.

Hence, my risk perception of investing with IPCapital is quite high. 




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