Mute Swan Capital Review: A New Way to Invest in Nigeria?

Mute Swan Capital is promising to help investors preserve capital and access investment opportunities that guarantee lifelong wealth management.

But are they a legitimate capital investment company? Should you invest with Mute Swan Capital?

In this review, we’ll take a look at this new capital and wealth management company in Nigeria, what they do, and their range of investment propositions.

So, What Is Mute Swan Capital All About?

Mute Swan Capital Limited is an investment company based in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Investment company is a subsidiary of Gecenyi Group, which is into oil & gas, real estate, construction, and agriculture.

Mute Swan Capital helps investors invest their capital into diverse asset classes, provide wealth management and investment advisory services.

The company’s ultimate vision is to become a leading and trusted investment bank in Africa.

How Does Mute Swan Capital Make Money?

Mute Swan Capital makes money through profit sharing in its Investment portfolios.

The company takes up to 30% off returns made in some of its Investment assets, such as its Ethical Fund Portfolio.

Mute Swan Capital also makes money via a range of service charges on different Investment accounts.

How to Invest in Mute Swan Capital

Mute Swan Capital has a range of investment products for different categories of investors:

Wealth Management Note

This is a fund management portfolio primarily designed for preserving of capital, while offering competitive ROI.

Social Welfare Fund

This is a savings investment instrument for investors to put funds towards future projects or goal, while earning a competitive ROI.

Ethical Fund

The Mute Swan Ethical Fund is designed for ethical investors who invest based on religious or ethical beliefs. 

Kudi Account

The Mute Swan Kudi Account is designed for small scale savers and investors looking to save money and invest in return for competitive ROI.

Institutional Fund

The Mute Swan Institutional Fund is an investment portfolio targeted at communities such as clubs, associations, and cooperatives towards group savings and investment.

Invest FX Note

The Mute Swan Invest FX Note is an investment opportunity that is designed to help investors invest in foreign currencies, so as to hedge against inflation while earning competitive ROI.

How Much ROI Does Mute Swan Capital Offer?

Mute Swan Capital offers varying ROI depending on the Investment design and portfolio.

While some portfolios are designed primarily for savings with a fixed ROI, others are strategic Investment instruments with non-fixed ROI.

Is Mute Swan Capital Legit or Scam?

According to the company, investors’ funds are “invested in asset classes backed & regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).”

The company also has a team of fund managers who are professionally trained and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

However, this doesn’t guarantee that investing with Mute Swan Capital is safe, as the company gives no such guarantee.

What I Hate About Mute Swan Capital

There’s nothing much to hate about Mute Swan Capital.

But I’d like the company to have a Fintech product that gives access to investors from anywhere in Nigeria.

For now, the company, which is relatively new, operates a brick and mortar investment bank, which requires investors to be on site before investing.

What I like About Mute Swan Capital

I like the fact that Mute Swan Capital has an investment product for almost all categories of investors.

No matter who you are, or what you do, Mute Swan Capital has a portfolio where your investment can fit.

Also, I like that their Investment portfolios are flexible towards both short-term investment and long-term investment.

This means that you can choose to liquidate your investment between 6 months and 1 year, or go the long haul if you want.

Can You Lose Money With Mute Swan Capital?

Mute Swan Capital makes no guarantee that Investment cannot be lost.

However, the company invests in assets that are backed and regulated by the SEC.

This means that when losses occur, they are mostly minimal and do not go past the industry average.

So, yes, you can lose money with Mute Swan Capital, but losses are minimal.

Should You Invest in Mute Swan Capital?

Depends on the kind of investor that you are.

Do you prefer investments with fixed guaranteed ROI?

Or you prefer flexible investments with low to medium risk, but a potential higher ROI?

More importantly, before investing, you should verify any claims made by the company, and thread with caution, as it is still a new company in this industry.

I wouldn’t invest with them for now, until they have a track record.




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