Mudrex Review: A New Safe Way to Invest in Crypto?

Mudrex is on a mission to democratize Crypto investing and make it accessible to everyone.

But should you invest your money in the Mudrex crypto algorithm?

Well, before you do, make sure to read this review where we discuss the pros and cons of investing with Mudrex.

Let’s get started.

What Is Mudrex All About?

Mudrex is a ycombinator-backed fintech company that is looking to bring copytrading to the world of crypto investing.

Through its Algo; a sort of index of crypto traders with different strategies and performances, Mudrex is helping beginner investors put their money to work.

Anyone could log on to Mudrex, take a look at the Algo or Crypto Index, and start investing.

How Does Mudrex Make Money?

Mudrex makes money by charging a small fee per copytrading activity on its platform.

The fees could range from 1% to 2% of investment capital.

How to Invest on Mudrex

You can start investing on Mudrex by signing up on their website and making your first deposit via card payment or bank transfer.

Once your account has been verified and your capital deposited in your Mudrex account, you can then start picking crypto indices and investing.

How Much ROI Does Mudrex Offer?

There is no guaranteed ROI when you invest with Mudrex.

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, your ROI would depend on the performance of the crypto trader you’re copying.

Is Mudrex Legit or Scam?

The Mudrex platform seems as legit as it gets.

The platform operates as a marketplace which enables other crypto traders to share their strategies.

This means that Mudrex does not control whether you make or lose money.

What I Hate About Mudrex

There is nothing much to hate about Mudrex.

The company is relatively new and so far, they’ve been doing everything right.

However, I’d have liked Mudrex to have a mobile app. This would make it easier to invest on the go. (Update: there’s now a mobile app for Mudrex available on the Play store)

What I Like About Mudrex

There are many things to like about Mudrex. 

Firstly, they are pioneers in this space, and they’ve almost covered every area you could think of.

Their Algo is really diversified, so no matter what kind of investor you are; high-risk or low-risk, you’d still find an investment strategy that fits you.

Also, the low fees which Mudrex charges is a positive one. This makes liquidity easier, as you can switch your money across several crypto indices to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Can You Lose Money With Mudrex?

This is a difficult one, but the answer is yes.

In crypto investing, there is no guarantee that you’d make any profit, and when you make any gains, it could be wiped out in a matter of days.

In other words, crypto investing is risky, so you have to invest with money you’re willing to lose.

Should You Invest in Mudrex?

Mudrex is a good platform to start investing in crypto, especially for beginner investors.

Mudrex helps you cut the chase and just go straight to putting your money in assets where it can grow.




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