USDTCMB Review: Free USDT Mining or Crypto Scam?

USDTCMB is promising crypto lovers the chance to mine USDT for free and use it towards recharge and transfers.

USDT is one of the most popular stable coins in the world of crypto and definitely highly sought-after.

So, there is a lot of interest in what the USDTCMB platform claims it is doing.

USDTCMB claims that funds deposited by members on the platform will be put on the market as financial funds for interest income.

It is not exactly clear what this means or what level of income users should expect from this platform.

The question is, does this platform actually do what it says or is it another platform positioned to hoodwink unsuspecting users?

In this review, we take a deep dive into the USDTCMB platform to see if it is a legit way to mine free USDT or another big fat scam waiting to burst.

Let’s dive in.

What Is USDTCMB All About?

USDTCMB want to create a channel for USDT liquidity mining and transfers between users.

In other words, it is creating a second level staking platform where anyone can provide liquidity in fiat and get rewarded with USDT.

This is quite conflicting because USDT has already achieved liquidity as one of the most traded crypto globally.

Liquidity mining only works for new entrants looking to get users to trade with their coin, but USDT as a coin has long surpassed this stage.

So, what really is USDTCMB all about?

Free USDT Crypto For New Accounts

Apparently, USDTCMB is offering new users free USDT on account opening.

I don’t know if this is part of the mining process or just an airdrop.

I think they send login details to random users which they can use to login on the USDTCMB website to claim the crypto.

A whopping 3,170,154 USDT!

Considering that the value of USDT is almost equal to the dollar, this must either be a joke or a dud coin that could be exchanged for a smaller value of USDT.

But then, let’s see what’s next.

Limited USDT Transfers

Ok, here’s the deal.

The free USDT you get when you login to USDTCMB cannot be transferred to wallets outside the platform.

You can only transfer to users within the USDTCMB platform.

And I guess, as you may have thought, that those users would also be limited to sending the USDT to only users within the USDTCMB platform.

Now, again what’s the value of any USDT that you cannot withdraw?


It’s just plain text written on a html page.

But maybe there’s a catch somewhere. Let’s find that out.

VIP Status Needed For Transactions


Now, here’s the catch. You’ll need to have at least one of the VIP levels to be able to transfer the USDT out.

So, what’s the cost?

  • VIP1 – Minimum 100USDT
  • VIP2 – Minimum 1000USDT
  • VIP3 – Minimum 300USDT
  • VIP4 – Minimum 2000USDT
  • VIP5 – Minimum 50000USDT

You’ll have to deposit at least 100USDT to be able to withdraw more than 3million USDT!

Please help me make sense of that.

How Does USDTCMB Make Money?

I guess that it is not every user on USDTCMB that receives this free USDT.

They claim to make money by charging a commission on all transfers and electronic checks; a 1% charge as handling fee.

But how does this small fee cover the millions if not billions of free USDT dashed for free to some users?

Your guess is as good as mine.

No Guarantee That You’d Get Your Money

There is no guarantee that you’d get anything out if you ever muster the courage to deposit USDT on the platform.

You could deposit USDT on the platform and it gets stuck.

If so, what next?

The platform seems new, so maybe you should wait a little while before trying it out.

Should You Use USDTCMB?

I successfully registered a new account on the platform and took a look around.

I see no way to mine USDT or even earn any return on the platform.

Maybe those features are yet to be added to the platform going forward.

The platform seems like one designed for deposit and transfers of USDT between users.

Maybe, it’s just another exchange platform specifically niched to USDT.

Or it could be a data mining site gathering users information such as phone number, email and password, which are requirements to create a new account on the platform.

In my opinion, I see no value in using this platform for now. Maybe I’ll check back in the nearest future.




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