Weekreward Review: Legit 21% Weekly ROI or Scam?

Weekreward is an investment scheme that is promising a whopping interest of 3% daily on your investment.

But is weekreward a legit or scam investment scheme?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the investment proposition by weekreward to ascertain if it is a scam or legit investment platform.

Let’s get started.

What Is Weekreward All About?

Weekreward is an investment platform promising to pay its investors mouthwatering returns as high as 5% daily.

According to weekreward, investors can earn from the platform either via investment or referral.

Acclaimed to be “designed on open-source algorithm” and “online based,” investors can only interact with the company via its website as there is no way to contact them physically.

How Does Weekreward Make Money?

How Weekreward makes money isn’t exactly clear from the information available on their website.

But the platform claims to reinvest investors’ funds into “different monetary standards, items, and administrations such as Indices, Forex, Commodities, Shares, Options, Stock.”

So, it is quite predictable that the platform makes their money by reinvesting investors’ funds and then sharing the proceeds with their investors.

How to Invest in Weekreward

Investors can invest in Weekreward by purchasing one of their investment packages via their website.

Investors will need to create a weekreward wallet to start investing, as the investment is “online based.”

How Much ROI Does Weekreward Offer?

Weekreward offers a whopping 3% daily ROI that accrues and is paid every 7 days.

So, investors can earn 3% of their capital daily, which sums up to a 21% ROI paid weekly.

Weekreward also claims that investors can earn a 2% ROI daily from the ROI accrued from direct referrals.

Is Weekreward Legit or Scam?

The platform has a low score due to lack of sufficient information about the people behind the platform.

Also, there is no way you’d consistently get the amount of ROI promised just from trading forex, stocks and commodities like weekreward is trying to make us believe.

So, I’m made to think that weekreward is running a MLM scheme disguised as an investment platform.

Can You Lose Money With Weekreward?

It looks very likely.

The platform offers no guarantees that you’d be paid your ROI.

The only proof of paying their investors are just some random positive reviews on their website from supposed investors.

We all know, those kinds of reviews on websites could be done by the platforms themselves, so they don’t mean much.

Should You Invest in Weekreward?

I wouldn’t invest in Weekreward.

Why would I give them my money to invest in forex, stocks and commodities, when I could do the same myself?

I could invest in a reputable Nigerian stock index that is regulated by the SEC, and still get a reasonable return without getting my cash burnt.




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