Oxford Agrovest Review: Is This Agric Platform Legit or Scam?

Looking to make an agricultural investment in Oxford Agrovest? So, you want to verify if the platform is legit and worth investing your money in? 

There are many such platforms like Oxford Agrovest but while few are legit, others are scams and ponzi schemes positioned to hoodwink naive investors.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the features of Oxford Agrovest, their investment plans and a deep look on whether the investment scheme is legit or not. I’ll also consider if the ROI offered on the platform is worth the risk involved.

That said, let’s take a look at the features of Oxford Agovest

What Is Oxford Agrovest?

Oxford Agrovest is a product of Oxford Green Farms. The company claims to work with renowned consultants and professionals to engage in very large-scale commercial farming. They solicit investment from the public to finance these commercial farming ventures in return for tenured high ROI.

The main commodities the company deals with include Tumeric, Ginger, and Pepper. You can invest in the farming of any of these commodities in yearly, monthly, and weekly investment contracts. 

The company has offices in Lagos and Abuja, but most of their businesses are conducted via the internet. You could pay them a visit though, if you really want to.

How Does The Company Make Money?

Oxford Agrovest makes money mainly through farming. They utilize investors’ capital to fund their different farms to optimal yield. When they harvest and sell the commodities, the proceeds are usually shared between Oxford Agrovest and their investors.

The company is also part of the Oxford Group Africa which deals in other investment schemes such as real estate development and mortgages.

How To Invest With Oxford Agrovest

To invest with Oxford Agrovest, you’ll have to first register on their website and provide all your details before making a choice on one of their investment products.

You’ll need to have a referral or sponsor on the platform, who would also be your account manager. This sponsor will be responsible in helping you facilitate your payments, investments, and other account issues.

How Much ROI Does Oxford Agrovest Offer?

Oxford Agrovest offers 35% ROI on all its 12-month tenured investment products. For its 14-month tenured investment product, the company offers a whopping 41% ROI. With its 12-month and 14-month tenured investment, you will only get paid at the maturity period, which is either after 12 months or after 14 months of making the investment.

If you prefer getting a monthly or weekly return on your investment, Oxford Agrovest has options for that. With its Agrovest Plus Monthly and Agrovest Plus Weekly, you get to earn 1.6% ROI monthly and 0.4% ROI weekly, depending on which option you choose.

Minimum Investment Amount On Oxford Agrovest

To invest with Oxford Agrovest, you need to invest at least 1,000 Naira. I guess this only works for the 12-month and 14-month investment because that amount will be too small for the monthly and weekly based Agrovest Plus.

The company also allows installment payment, where investors can complete their investment over the tenure of the investment plan. Again, I guess this would only work for the 12-month and 14-month investment plan.

Oxford Agrovest Also allows investors from anywhere in the world make investments on the platform. You’d have to talk to your sponsor or account manager on the platform to do so.

Is Oxford Agrovest Legit Or Scam?

There is no way to know if Oxford Agrovest is legit or scam, but the company looks very reputable.

Oxford agrovest is registered with the CAC as a limited liability company. The company’s official registered name is Oxford Green Farms Limited. The company is also insured by Leadway Assurance, with insurance policy number AC200000119FS.

It is however, important that you carry out your own due diligence before investing with Oxford Agrovest, as the nature of agric-tech companies has shown that anything can happen despite any protective measure put in place. 

If you must invest with Oxford agrovest, ensure that you do so with only funds that you can afford to lose.

Can You Lose Money With Oxford Agrovest?

Like I said before, Oxford Agrovest is insured by Leadway Assurance, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t lose money. 

According to Leadway Assurance, it provides Agric cover for a list of agric-tech companies, including Oxford Green Farms Limited. But Leadway has a caveat that they “do not guarantee safety of your funds if lost due to agric-business failure in which you have willingly invested.”

What this means is that Leadway would only cover losses for farm produce. So, if you invest in a farm with Oxford Agrovest, and the farm is destroyed by a natural disaster, Leadway would pay back the loss of the farm cost minus the anticipated profit. In this case, you may get back your capital without any ROI from Oxford agrovest.

However, if Oxford agrovest files for bankruptcy tomorrow, or suddenly closes business, or “crashes,” you cannot hold Leadway Assurance liable for your loss. In this case, you would lose 100% of your investment.

So, Should You Invest In Oxford Agrovest?

I really like the way Oxford Agrovest has structured their investment plans, and I like the idea of investing in some select agric products.

However, if I would invest with Oxford Agrovest, I would do so with money I can afford to lose and I would go with the Oxford Agrovest Plus Monthly or Weekly, which is really short term and can help me get my capital and ROI out fast. 


The ball is in your court. I think from the look of things, Oxford Agrovest has provided all documentation needed to at least trust them a little. Their website is quite informational with an FAQ that has comprehensive answers to address almost all investors’ concerns. 

Then the partnership with Leadway Assurance (even though it’s quite limited). I think the company is well put together and may well be worth the risk.




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