Oxford Buildvest Review: Legit or Scam Real Estate Investment?

Are you looking to invest in Oxford Buildvest?

Maybe you want to first know if Buildvest is a legit real estate investment or a scam before committing your money?

Well, in this review article, we’ll be taking a look at the Oxford Buildvest opportunity to see if it is worth its weight on gold and if you should invest.

It is important to note that I’ve written a previous review about Oxford Group, the owners of Oxford Agrovest, and their investment activities in Nigeria.

So, I’m quite familiar with them. I think their most popular investment package is their Agrovest plan.

However, the company seems to have diversified into other sectors of the economy such as oil & gas, information technology, mortgages, and real estate.

So, what Is Oxford Buildvest All About?

Oxford Buildvest is a form of participative investment where investors pool funds to invest in Oxford Group’s real estate property locations in different states in Nigeria.

The company claims to be offering various real estate services such as land sales, real estate consulting, and development and management of properties.

Hence, the company is soliciting public investment to grow this real estate arm of their business.

How Does Oxford Buildvest Make Money?

The way I understand this, Oxford Buildvest makes money by developing and selling or renting properties built with investment funds.

So, essentially, they are using public investment to run their real estate Business, and in turn share profits with investors.

How to Invest in Oxford Buildvest

You can sign up on their website or reach them via phone or one of their office locations in Nigeria.

Once you have created an account with Oxford Group, you can then make your investment.

The company did not mention the minimum needed to invest in Oxford Buildvest, so you may need to inquire about that.

Once you have made your investment, you would be given a post-dated cheque and a deed of agreement with an NBA seal.

How Much ROI Does Oxford Buildvest Offer?

Oxford Buildvest offers a 29.5% ROI in 12 months.

I wonder if this is a flat fee or if there are other investment packages with higher ROI.

You can however inquire with the company if you want 

Is Oxford Buildvest Legit or Scam?

There is no way to confirm if the company is legit or a scam.

However, like I alluded in my previous Oxford review, the company seems to be transparent enough in their business activities.

The Buildvest arm though is not convincing enough for me, as there is not much information about what they would do with my money if I invested with Buildvest.

Can You Lose Money With Oxford Buildvest?

It seems likely.

Firstly, Oxford Buildvest doesn’t seem to have any insurance in place for their real estate projects.

Heck, they do not even have any real estate project to show as proof of their activities and experience in the real estate sector.

Just a bunch of ramblings on their website about being involved in real estate projects is not convincing enough for me.

I honestly think that Oxford is trying to leverage the success of their Agri-tech company, Agrovest, to diversify investors’ funds into other allied interests.

Should You Invest in Oxford Buildvest?

I would not invest in Oxford Buildvest because I don’t believe in the legitimacy of the project.

The company claims to have real estate property locations in over 36 locations in Nigeria, but there is no proof of that claim anywhere.

So far, Oxford Buildvest has no reputation as a real estate development company, so why should I trust them with my money?

More so, who are their real estate development partners? What projects have they completed in the past?

It seems too risky to hand over your money to a company that has no experience in delivering the said investment project, and without any insurance in place.

So, I would let this one go, and would advise anyone not to invest in Oxford Buildvest, at least for now, until they show tangible proof of real estate projects and partnership success.




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