Agx Farmland Review: Legit or Scam Agric Investment?

Have you been approached by an agent of Agx Farmlands to invest in one of their agric projects?

Maybe you are unsure about the legitimacy of Agx Farmlands and want to know if the company is legit or scam.

Well, in this review article, we’ll take a look at the company behind Agx Farmlands and the legitimacy of their investment schemes.

This review is just for information purposes and does not serve as investment advice or publicity attack on any company.

That said, let’s dive in.

What Is Agx Farmland All About?

Agx Farmlands Limited is a company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They claim to be Farmlands investment brokers.

According to their proposition, the company buys, sells, maintains, and runs Farmlands and farmland estates as direct investors and brokers.

According to their website, their farmland projects include:

  • Ginger Farm
  • Cashew Farm
  • Mushroom Farm
  • Snail Farm

How Does Agx Farmland Make Money?

The company makes money by buying and selling Farmlands, and maintaining Farmlands for clients.

Also, through their brokerages, they are able to make money via commissions and sharing profits with farmland investors.

How to Invest with Agx Farmland

To invest with Agx Farmlands, you have to contact them through their contact details on their website.

Apparently, they use a free Google website, and there is insufficient information about their investment packages on their website.

So, making the decision to invest with them is actually quite confusing.

How Much ROI Does Agx Farmland Offer?

Agx Farmland offers 60% ROI for their Snail farm investment program, and 40% ROI for their Farmlands Investment program.

Is Agx Farmland Legit or Scam?

So far, the company doesn’t look organized and might be a scam.

The information on their website is sketchy at best and looks like a company run by one person.

There are no details on how investors’ funds will be utilized and no information about the performance of past projects.

By all indications, from available public data, Agx Farmland is proving to be a high-risk investment scheme.

Can You Lose Money With Agx Farmland?


There is no indication that Agx Farmlands has insurance cover for its farm projects that secures investors’ funds.

Hence, of anything goes wrong, investors would likely lose 100% of their investment.

The company also doesn’t help by giving no guarantee about the security of investors’ funds.

This shows that investing with Agx Farmland is not worth the risk for any serious investor.

Should You Invest in Agx Farmland?

No way. No chance.

I don’t gamble with my money, so I’ll definitely pass on the opportunity to invest with Agx Farmland.

It reeks of a scheme organized either by inexperienced people or a fraud syndicate.

If you choose to invest in Agx Farmland, however, please do so with funds you can afford to lose.




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